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  1. jinxybean

    5 sick cats, 2 sick humans and 2 sick dogs....

    What symptoms do you share with your cats and dogs? Itchy eyes? Excessive thirst? Some symptoms fit parasite, but the face rubbing, skin irritation (grooming), and even the thirst fit with exposure to an environmental irritant. Get an indoor air quality test performed if your doctor and...
  2. jinxybean

    Input On Diaignostic Testing For Tummy Troubles?

    It sounds like your Pitter's symptoms are stress-related to the dog sharing your apt. wall. Your boy had a stable diet and home environment before it all started, and it is a low likeliness that a non-related disease popped up the same time the dog showed up. He can probably hear the dog's...
  3. jinxybean

    New Cat Owner And Christmas

    I like that Upside Down tree! "Kids, Santa's going to put your presents on the ceiling this year. He feels you're not getting enough exercise with them scattered on the ground like low-hanging fruit. Start training now to improve your vertical leap!"
  4. jinxybean

    What Animal Is This?

    You could be describing a very young possum. They have squatty legs and lots of torso.
  5. jinxybean

    What Animal Is This?

    Opossum? Their fur color varies by animal but they have black dots of fur at their ears, and a rat like nose and tail.
  6. jinxybean

    Chin Acne/skin Allergies + Scratching

    Have you tried wiping her face down after eating? Try warm water and a soft dish cloth to remove oil and residue from eating and environmental debris. With humans, contact dermatitis is often alleviated by washing off the offending irritant.
  7. jinxybean

    Diarrhea And Going Out Of The Box (related To Antibiotics)

    Poor Ghostie! I agree with @Furballsmom that a better probiotic will help with his diarrhea. Fortiflora is a basic single-strain probiotic and not as powerful as Tummyworks or Vetriscience Vetri-Mega Probiotics. Dose your kitties with probiotics at an off-schedule time from when you...
  8. jinxybean

    Canned Food And Mouth Cancer?

    From the journal link:
  9. jinxybean

    Desperately Looking For An Answer To Our Litter Box Fiasco

    Is he favoring that paw? You'll see him slightly lift the injured paw up while he's sitting upright, and he'll groom that paw more. He'll also stride with a slight limp.
  10. jinxybean

    Desperately Looking For An Answer To Our Litter Box Fiasco

    So, no UTI. Other points: You moved in last year and this started happening two months ago - so I don't think it's likely that he's picking up on a prior animal scent. He's only peeing outside the box and not pooping. He's washing his paws. He's 14. I'm going to just toss this one out...
  11. jinxybean

    I Don't Know What You Stepped In....but I Sure Like It.

    Awww, children and their imaginations.... she is fewocious!
  12. jinxybean

    Bathing Short Hair Kitten, Oily Fur

    Bathing will increase their grooming as they try to dry themselves off, and hairballs are one unexpected by-product of the extra licking. You could try grooming them with a damp paper towel, massaging their coats then slicking it down smooth. My cats never seemed to mind the 'paper towel...
  13. jinxybean

    Comment by 'jinxybean' in article 'Your Cat Throwing Up?'

    My newly adopted cat has a problem with vomiting. At least once per day, sometimes twice. Her bloodwork, fecal exam and physical exam were excellent and the vet suggested the vomiting is either from eating too much at once or from stress. A week of tiny (tablespoon-sized), frequent meals...
  14. jinxybean

    How Do I Get Her To Pee In The Box? Desperate Now.

    Hi! Were the prior residents of your new home cat owners? I think this could be a mix of stress from moving and stress over former cat smells, especially if they made messes in the hallway. Also, scratching the carpet is a means of scent-transfer, to mark that this is her territory now...
  15. jinxybean

    May Have To Put Down My Sweet Cat....

    @Artscats I see you are passionate about holistic medicine, but it is not advisable to self-diagnose and self-treat critical feline diseases. We cannot tell other Cat Site members to eschew veterinary care in favor of self-research, even if the source of information are renowned vets Dr. Randy...
  16. jinxybean

    Cat In A Box: Should I Remove The Box?

    Don't take the box away, it's bringing her comfort. Now, as the others are pointing out, her behavior is changing and she's showing signs of discomfort. Have you taken her to the vet for an evaluation?
  17. jinxybean

    May Have To Put Down My Sweet Cat....

    OP, you have given a senior shelter cat the best outcome, because she now has a home and is loved. Her last days are with her family. I also agree with everyone else that she needs to immediately go to a different practice for a REAL evaluation. She's eating, she's drinking and doing all of...
  18. jinxybean

    Please Recommend A Dry Food Automatic Feeder

    I would price out how much it would cost you to get the automatic feeder and extra litter pans, and weigh that against the cost of having a pet sitter stop by a few times. ;)
  19. jinxybean

    Am I A Terrible Person? Or, Scare The Cats, Twopence A Bag.

    You are not terrible for laughing! All the chaos is scary, but it's such a relief to laugh when all the fear has passed. Years ago my Siamese girl freaked out over some noise DH made in the living room. She BOLTED from the room and tore straight up the cat tree...but she...