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    Comment by 'iluvlilpaws' in article '7 Stunning Cat Rings That Will Make You Go "meow!"'

    My favorite is the Cute Cat Ear Adjustable Open Ring. 
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    @Red Top Rescue  Thank you so so so much! The kittens and I appreciate all your help. I just ordered 3 bottles of the shampoo on the last link you posted. 
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    @Red Top Rescue  did you mean Virbac Keratolux Shampoo? I googled KetoChlor by Virbac but didn't find that.
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    @Red Top Rescue  Awesome! Thank you so much. Where can I purchase this miracle shampoo? 
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    Precious Paws Pet Rescue

    @Skelekittycat  I found sweet little Benjah on the on ramp of the interstate. Talk about perfect timing! He was so close to being hit by a car. 
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    Has anyone dealt with ringworm? All but 2 of my foster kittens have ringworm. I have never dealt with ringworm before and am now just learning about it. I have been dipping them in lime sulfur dip once a week and spot treating with apple cider vinegar but these efforts do not seem to be working...
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    Game - Change one word

    Storm chaser
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    Game - Do you own a.....?

    No. Do you own an expresso machine?
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    Name three things - 2016

    Monday is my cleaning I will be doing my cat chores, house chores and running some errands. 
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    Let's Babble Our Way to Post #4,000,000 And Win Prizes Too!

    This always blows my mind! I am so glad there's TNVR. 
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    What is this goop?

    I think it's the gravy. I know when I eat left over Chinese food the following day there's jelly like this on it till I heat it up. 
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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Eevee & Sammy Sal Eevee, Benjah & Sal
  14. Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

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    Why is my 2 year old male cat bitting my female kitten? Please help...

    My adult male Scrabbles who is neutered does this to my foster kittens also. I see it as parenting and a way to teach them acceptable behavior but if he makes them cry too much or is too aggressive, I redirect him so that he doesn't harm them. This is just my opinion and experience. Could be...
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    Dahlia and Iggy

    This kitten season there was a mother cat that was brought into the shelter with her litter of 5 kittens but 2 of them were so much smaller than the rest and she was rejecting them so we took them away from her and I bottle fed them but they did not grow and thrive like the rest did. The 2 made...