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  1. rockcat

    Fleas - what works in your area?

    East Central Florida I haven't had much of a flea problem, but use Advantage II if we see one flea. Frontline didn't work for us. My dad (same area) has an indoor cat that frequently escapes. That's a whole 'nother story. When he gets out he comes back loaded with fleas. I mean, you can see...
  2. rockcat

    What are your kitties getting for Christmas?

    A "find the toy in the hole" cat game, a new wand-type toy, a new cat bed, and treats. That's from us. They will also probably get presents from one of my brothers, my Mom and my Dad. For Oliver's birthday last August I bought him a mat to lay on from Petsmart (I think). He loves it. He layed...
  3. rockcat

    Do you vote in elections?

    I vote in every election. I think that the only thing less responsible than not voting is not researching the issues and candidates for yourself before voting. I admit though, that there have been instances where I couldn't make up my mind on a referendum and chose not to vote on that...
  4. rockcat

    Florida - we really are slow!

    My Mom (in Connecticut) is always laughing at us. Anyone remember the Fruitcake Lady? I googled "Fruitcake Lady Florida vote" and the first part of the youtube video was the part I was looking for. It's hilarious. I didn't post the link though because some of her language is a little too...
  5. rockcat

    My Mom passed away on Friday morning

    So sorry. May God comfort you. You and your family are in my prayers.
  6. rockcat

    Had the biopsies today

    You are in my prayers. :hugs:
  7. rockcat

    My mom needs prayers......

    I prayed for your Mom before I opened the thread and didn't realize at first that it started in 2011. I am so happy that her recent surgery went so well! God bless her, you and your whole family!
  8. rockcat

    Please Help- I hope I've done the right thing.

    Wow, that's beautiful! I agree 100%. Get the cat. Get the cat. Get the cat!
  9. rockcat

    Just Curious

    Thanks so much, Pam!
  10. rockcat

    Just Curious

    Hi Pam. Thank you for being here. We have 2 indoor cats since kittenhood, Oliver, 13 and Tripod, 10. Both are healthy. Oliver seems to usually be the alpha cat. I am not writing about a problem, just a question. Oliver is very social to company. He will practically stand on his head to get...
  11. rockcat

    Soooo I just found a dead brown recluse

    Their bite is still very dangerous. If you view the slideshow, pictures 18 & 19 show a very graphic BR bite. As I said in another thread, my DH nearly lost his leg because of one. Also, the map in the site you...
  12. rockcat

    Happy World Cat Day

    I wish I read this earlier today! Anyway, Happy World Cat Day to all kitties and everyone who loves them!
  13. rockcat

    Outlander Series

    Hi Cricket! Welcome back. I knew you were on hiatus. So, WOWWIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!          Thanks for the link! I like the "dream cast" a lot, except for Ian and Jenny.  I went to Diana Gabaldon's site and saw that this IS in the works, but could be cancelled at any time, (just because that's...
  14. rockcat

    Say I'm not the only Arachnophobe...

    I always thought spiders were creepy, but when I found out that (before we were together) my DH almost lost his leg to a brown recluse, I really don't like them. He was hiking the Appalachian Trail alone and didn't seek treatment until his leg swelled up like a tree trunk. He just got to the...
  15. rockcat

    Maximum Number of Pets Question

    Yay!!!   Another kitty gets a home! Keep us posted!
  16. rockcat

    What do your cat's do with plastic grocery bags?

    Sorry no one has answered you. Many times members post their own reply to the original post without reading the other replies. How are they doing now? I wish I had the answer for you.Please re-post your question in the behavior forum. You should get some good answers there. I don't allow my...
  17. rockcat

    What are you reading? The Sequel.

    I guess you do! So how far are you now? My reading has, for the most part, been limited to Saturday mornings. I am still on the Fiery Cross, but savoring every moment of it. Happy reading!
  18. rockcat

    Outlander Series

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. I'm slowing down, but not because of the books - just because I've been busy. I have to say, this is the best series I have ever read. The books I don't own are going on my birthday list in September. DG's writing truly amazes me. It's great to have people to...
  19. rockcat

    Furniture vs. cat claws

    Thank you. He will be 13 (or as close to it as I can estimate) tomorrow. It's cardboard, but not corrugated. Its molded like the packing for electronics (when they don't use Styrofoam or plastic). Good luck. I need to find another myself. Oliver is going to wear this one out soon.
  20. Oliver & scratching post.JPG

    Oliver & scratching post.JPG