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  1. raficat

    one of my cats has become very aggressive

    I have three pieces of cat furniture, two tall one smaller, all good designs but worn. I'd get more if I could but they cost a fortune. And they don't really use them that much, favorite spaces are the sofa, bathroom, the bed, and the bedroom window. They mainly like the top space on any of the...
  2. raficat

    one of my cats has become very aggressive

    I've pulled him off the others many times before, this was the first time he turned on me. Now I trust him less, so I'm unlikely to do it again. The only newbie is Bella and she was properly introduced, spending her first week in the bathroom shower, and meeting the other cats thru the glass...
  3. raficat

    one of my cats has become very aggressive

    its semi rural, in the desert.
  4. raficat

    one of my cats has become very aggressive

    Thank you, I will look into that.
  5. raficat

    one of my cats has become very aggressive

    Thank you. It isn't really as small as it sounds, only two rooms but they are huge rooms. I have about 900 square feet. And it has little to do with the current problem, Shadow would simply search til he found someone to attack, even if I lived in a mansion. I think something must be going on...
  6. raficat

    please help!

    I hope you can find a more appropriate situation for him, and hope that some day you'll get another, nicer, cat!
  7. raficat

    one of my cats has become very aggressive

    wow, I am sorely disappointed here. I tried to describe the situation as well as possible, apparently I failed. I am not getting rid of my cats. It is not their fault that money is scarce now. There is no outside to speak of, and wouldn't it be just dandy if he attacked one of my landlords...
  8. raficat

    one of my cats has become very aggressive

    there is no outside
  9. raficat

    I'm having lots of trouble with my cat. It almost seems as if he hated me.

    as mingking suggested, an outside "catio" might be the solution. Enclose a patio, or an area near a window? Or cat proof your yard fence so he can't get out of his own yard. Have you tried a pheromone diffuser? They work well on some cats, but are a bit pricey. It's hard on them if they get...
  10. raficat

    Disobedient cat.

    Can you move your computer from the window? Or cover the window so they can't look out of it? I never put anything breakable under a window!
  11. raficat

    Dear friends please help me

    Do bang on the car hood before you get it. Cats often climb into engine compartments. When I was a child, one of my cats died that way.  I was upset about my cat, my parents were angry because it was expensive to repair the car.
  12. raficat

    please help!

    I was going to suggest an enclosed litter box that can be in a main room without looking too unsightly, but it sounds like the cat just doesn't fit well into your family. It's unlikely a nokill shelter would take him without a substantial donation. I used to work at one, and they only wanted...
  13. raficat

    Female Cat Is Behaving Strange?

    Does she go outside? It sounds like something did scare her. Give her love and reassurance and let her hide til she feels better, and if she goes outdoors, monitor that and watch to see that nothing threatens her.
  14. raficat

    Abandoned cat??

    Yes, it sounds like this kitty has chosen you to be its family. Congrats! (its an honor) By all means do feed the poor thing. It is most likely abandoned. People often dump their unwanted pets in the country. Once its being fed regularly it will likely become friendlier - be patient! Cats are...
  15. raficat

    Kitty pooping not even near the box! Help!

    If she was fond of your son, that could be the cause, or it could be the change of litter -  or something else entirely. If it's just the dining room she is misbehaving in, can you close it off so she can't go in? Does she get along well with the other cat? other pets and people in the...
  16. raficat

    one of my cats has become very aggressive

    Shadow is 8 years old. He is one of 8 cats. I've had him since he was about 5 weeks, along with his sister, Silver. At the time I got them, I had 6 adult cats, so he has always been part of a multi-cat household. He was of course neutered as a kitten. He's always had an aggressive streak, and...
  17. raficat

    All 6 feral cats have stopped eating

    Have you tried to find a more compassionate vet? Sometimes the tough decision has to be made. Do you feel their quality of life to be so poor as to be unkind to allow it to continue? If it comes to it, check with your county animal services to see if they provide euthanasia at a reasonable...
  18. raficat

    a feral been hanging out around herel

    I hope tying up the dog is a temporary thing. I love cats but I like dogs too, and they should not be perma tied! Great Pyrenees are beautiful dogs... I hope things are going well with your kitties now also!
  19. raficat

    another new cat after loosing v

    how did you introduce her to the other cats? It's best to keep them separate for a few days and let them get to know each other gradually. That said, it is normal for cats to his at strange cats and show defensive hostility. Try giving her her own area with her own bed and dish, in a separate...
  20. raficat

    All 6 feral cats have stopped eating

    Tiger may have dental problems. You say her chin was swollen... could be an abcess. She is possibly in too much pain to eatm and too sick from infection. Check with your local animal control - they usually have humane traps you can rent, or know where you can. Try to trap her. If it turns out...