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  1. Jody's Phone Pictures 1297.jpg

    Jody's Phone Pictures 1297.jpg

  2. Jody's Phone Pictures 1298.jpg

    Jody's Phone Pictures 1298.jpg

  3. Jody's Phone Pictures 1293.jpg

    Jody's Phone Pictures 1293.jpg

  4. My Cat Toby

    My Cat Toby

    These are all pictures of my cat Toby that I just got.
  5. kittylover712

    Any weird things your cats like eating?

    I was just wondering. My cat Max (who has passed on) used to eat string all the time when we weren't home and he would always throw it up. I have heard of other cats eating chinese food, pickles, and olives and such and I just wanted to ask about your experience with weird foods your cat(s) eat...
  6. kittylover712

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks, Ritz!
  7. kittylover712

    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone, I really love cats and I am hopefully getting one next month. I have had cats in the past but I just wanted a little more advice from the experts. Thanks for taking your time to read this and I hope we can all be great friends! :)