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  1. siopaocat

    Comment by 'siopaocat' in article 'Help! My Cat Is Having Kittens!'

    Thanks! A very helpful article. 
  2. Tails! Picture of the Month Contest

    Tails! Picture of the Month Contest

  3. siopaocat

    Tails! Picture of the Month Contest

    Here is my cat, Siopao. With her tail so excited in the ball game :) 
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  5. siopaocat

    Staining or Markings?

    oh your cat look likes my adopted kitten. he is also white with green and blue eyes. we got her from the street . I'm just curious if your cat is hearing impaired? Mine is. I read somewhere that cat with odd eyes are hearing impaired especially in the side of their blue eyes.  and also may I ask...
  6. siopaocat

    Extremely Odd Situation: Cat Refuses to Eat or Drink at Home--will only eat and drink at the VET

    Have you tried feeding her outside the house? or maybe do and an experiment of feeding her in a neighbor's house that the cat has some stressor in your mom's house that makes her not to eat there. hope she gets better soon.
  7. siopaocat

    Cat has loose stools and smelly poop

    Thanks for the reply. My siamese cat is now doing well. :  She is eating now, has more energy.  though her poop is still a little soft. 
  8. siopaocat

    Cat has loose stools and smelly poop

    Hello everyone!! I came across this site when I google loose stools and smelly poop. My cat, a siamese is having this problem for a few days now. She is 5 months old. Her cat food is Friskies product of Purina.  I observe that she has less appetite now, less energy since she has this problem...