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    Quality Food vs Potty Box Quantity

    Thanks for the response. They have been free fed their entire lives. Plenty of food in the bowl and water in the fountain at all times. They just starting to gradually eat less as they got older. The plan is to keep them on kitten food until at least age one. Then gradually switch to an...
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    Quality Food vs Potty Box Quantity

    I have heard in the past that the better quality in cat food equals less stool in the potty box. Is there any truth to this? Here is my deal: I have been feeding my three almost nine month olds, the same quality dry kitten food since we adopted when they were 11 weeks old. At first they ate a...
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    Under Foot

    How do I break my 8 month make from being under foot and always in the way? I’m afraid that if we bring my mother in law over to our house, the cat will trip her. It’s never a good time for a fall and broken hip. Thanks in advance.
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    Big Boy

    Is it normal to have an eight month old male kitten weigh in at 13+ pounds? He is medium haired and might be a Maine coon. He does NOT appear to be overweight.
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    Best Brush For Medium Haired 7 Month Old

    I have a medium haired 7 month old boy. Looking for a good brush besides wire/tine. Wifey doesn’t want to go there. Thanks.
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    Water Works

    Greetings. We have three 6 month old siblings. They were introduced to a cat water fountain months ago without issue. They drank from the fountain like normal felines. Now, all of the sudden, one cat wants to play with the water splashing it everywhere. I do not know how to correct this...
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    Treats in a Squeeze Package

    Long time cat owner, however, have not used treats in a squeeze type package. 1. Are they healthy for my little ones? 2. If so, what’s a good brand? 3. Do they promote tarter? Thanks
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    Three cats = two litter boxes?

    Just like the topic asks, first time having three cats (still kittens). Should I be using two litter boxes? Thanks
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    Dental Fresh Liquid for Cats

    Greetings all. I have three new 13 week old kittens. Saw an ad for Dental Fresh liquid for cats. Asked my Vet this morning about it and she said that she did not have enough information whether to make a recommendation or not. Have any of you used this product for your cats? Please give me...
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    Is this ringworm???

    My vet stated to use a black light. Ringworm will floures (?) . Treat with over the counter anti fungal.
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    Introducing Sage, Ollie, and Finn (10 weeks old

    Greetings all. There is nothing more relaxing and cute to watch than three 11 week old kittens at play followed by nap time.
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    10 week old, vomiting clear froth

    At the Emergency vet now.
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    Introducing Sage, Ollie, and Finn (10 weeks old

    Just adopted these three knuckleheads on Tuesday. Approximately 10 week old. Obviously, litter mates.
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    10 week old, vomiting clear froth

    Wife and I just adopted three 10 week old kitties past Tuesday. They received their first FVRCCP(?) on the same day. All was well until this afternoon when one of the males started to occasionally to vomit small amounts of clear froth. I do not think he is running a fever but he looks like he...
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    What nicknames do you have for your cat?

    My girl Gracie was simply “Princess”.
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    HELP plz:)

    A very old but great treatment….”Tincture of Time”.
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    How to train stray kitty to stop biting when playful

    I concur. Neutering is key. Remember, it takes about 30 days after neutering for the testosterone levels to fall enough for him to start chilling out.
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    Adopting Kitten Siblings

    We adopt for life. Zero chance of separating the two siblings We plan to adopt.
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    Adopting Kitten Siblings

    I’m planning to spay/neuter at 8 weeks If the vet will do it. Study by major university showed no difference spaying/neutering between 8 weeks and 6 months.