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  1. belphast

    Is this caused by a parasite?

    I was thinking that if I am going to go to a vet, that means I will not have enough money for the consultation fee and if I do, I do not think I still have money for whatever medicine they will prescribe. I thought the fever will go away but it is still there, I was not able to check it...
  2. belphast

    Is this caused by a parasite?

    I found this cat crying in a sidewalk last January 21st, he has a very disproportionate body (big stomach, yet skinny). He eats a lot but his body temperature is high (I think he has a fever), I do not think that he is fully blind, but there are times that he is heavily relying on sounds to...
  3. belphast

    Help my rescued cats

    Hello, I do not really know if this kind of post is allowed here but I am taking the chance as I do not really have another option as of now. This is the link of my crowdfunding post: Airfunding: Helping everyone, With everyone TL;DR - The cats that I rescued/adopted are starting to die as...