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    Diagnosis Help for Senior Kitty

    I had a cat with fungus in her bone marrow (histoplasmosis) which was not diagnosed until I took her to an internist. She was given steroids by my regular vet which almost killed her. Her blood work was almost normal all along except for slight anemia. She just slowly list weight and became...
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    Dehydration in cat

    Here's a link that shows subq.
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    Dehydration in cat

    I have had a cat with kidney disease get subq fluids at home 3x a week for 2 years. I would ask to learn how to do this. It is a lifesaver. If dehydration is the issue that will fix it. I don't know what ORS is. But subq will work great for dehydration.
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    Neuter incision infection?? (Pictures included)

    This doesn't look terrible but I would definitely keep an eye on it. My vet considers a quick look at a spay or neuter incision as part of the cost included in the surgery (like they don't usually charge to take the stitches out if there are any). So I would call the vet about this and see...
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    Cat Scat- Dark & Hard?

    Forgot to add: you might want to take a sample to the vet just to check there is no digested blood making it dark. I don't know HOW dark you are seeing, but black stools may have blood in them. This sounds unlikely but it wouldn't require a vet visit I would hope.
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    Cat Scat- Dark & Hard?

    So I have a couple suggestions re hard stools and possible dehydration and small stools possibly needing more fiber: You can give her some pumpkin (plain, canned, not any sort of mix) alone or in her food. I actually buy a few cans each year if organic and once I open one I freeze it in I've...
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    Cat hard bump on nose bridge

    I should add if it isn't changing I would be less worried. If it gets bigger I would be a lot more concerned.
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    Cat hard bump on nose bridge

    I had a cat have this and it turned out to be histoplasmosis in her bones. It wasn't diagnosed until she got really sick and I saw an internist. Regular vets thought she was fine and maybe bumped her nose but she slowly went downhill. Her nose eventually really blew up. So it is likely...
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    Ultrasound Needed - Should I Use Radiologist or Internal Medicine Vet?

    I don't understand why there is no conversation with anyone but the regular vet. I have had a cat go to an emergency clinic and seeing a radiologist who did the exam with me in the room and told me he only saw one slight thing which was likely nothing and that he did not know why the cat was...
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    Is succulent Pachyveria Corvus toxic to cats?

    FYI in future Google is your friend. Many plants are irritating even if not poisonous so I just don't have indoor plants anymore. You could put it somewhere the cats cant reach, like a hanging planter maybe
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    Weakness and weight loss. Suspected to have diabetes

    Get to another vet. If the vet thought it was just (it's never just) dehydration then he should have given fluids (easy to do subcutaneous fluids, I do it at home). This is an emergency and the vet sounds useless.
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    Diabetic cat being put to sleep

    If you have another home then tell the owner that you'd like to re-home the cat for them with someone who will do their best to treat the diabetes. Let them know the cat will not be allowed to suffer. It sounds like that is the only option because they have decided not to deal with it after...
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    Cat fainting (syncophy)

    I have severe asthma and have been on theophylline and I can tell you it is NOT a fun medication. I would second what everyone is saying and get to a cardiologist if you can. I have had a DOG with cardiac issues on lasix and it helped a lot. So that is something to check on.
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    Cat wants to eat but doesn't, tests all healthy

    I would definitely give him something for nausea if you give an appetite stimulant in the future. Imagine being even more hungry but nauseated. Glad he is doing better now though
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    Cat with Stuffy Nose Won't Eat

    Try Gerber chicken baby food. The one with nothing in it but chicken and I think cornstarch. No onion. Many cats will eat it before cat food. It's also easier to syringe feed than cat food Read up on fatty liver in cats and not eating. Not eating is a HUGE deal in cats. You have to get...
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    Inflamed Anus, Chronic Constipation

    I would add canned pumpkin (plain, not any sort of mix) to his diet if he'll eat it. Many cats like it but often will eat it mixed on with soft food they like if not straight. That's assuming they like soft food. You said "on occasion" you give him Miralax? Could it be that his body is...
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    So Punky's diarrhea was feline corona virus - now what?

    A positive test for coronavirus means very little. For most cats it is no big deal and many are exposed, get a couple days of diarrhea and you never know they even had it. I would only worry if you had young kittens because they seem to be the most likely to have it mutate in them and go to...
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    Dental issues, elderly cat

    My veterinary internist said he gets asked all the time what the best food is for a cat who won't eat. His answer: "The best food for a cat who won't eat is ANYTHING THE CAT WILL EAT." When a cat doesn't eat for even a few days or doesn't eat enough they can end up going into fatty liver and...
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    Lip Entrapment and Loss of Appetite

    Good to know. The only problem in the long run is that it doesn't have taurine in it, although you can get that as a supplement. But it's definitely the best thing I've found to use. If a cat won't eat it generally they won't eat anything. It will give enough nutrition if you can get enough...
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    Lip Entrapment and Loss of Appetite

    FYI look up fatty liver and cats. Not eating is an emergency in cats. I would agree with getting a vet dentist (I am I Houston and the one I use is about the same price as my regular vet). If he won't eat a feeding tube is actually less stress for everyone and if it were my cat I'd be...