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    Best dry food for constipation

    Hello, can anyone recommend any dry food for constipation? I am feeding her wet food everyday but she prefers dry food. I have tried royal canin Gastrointestinal High Fibre but she doesn't seem to like it. Will the regular royal canin Gastrointestinal be okay? how about royal canin hairball...
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    royal canin gastrointestinal

    she has a sensitive stomach and was throwing up her previous food so the vet recommended the gastro food
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    royal canin gastrointestinal

    hello, does anyone know if its okay to mix royal canin gastrointestinal dry food with non prescription wet food like sheba?
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    Prebiotics query

    Hello, does anyone know the daily limit of prebiotic intake ? My cats dry food already contains prebiotics,however, I’d like to add some probiotic chews (which also contain prebiotics). thanks
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    Mixing three different types of dry food?

    Hello, I’m currently feeding my cat a mixture of Ziwi peak air dried lamb and mackerel and instinct original dry chicken. I’m thinking of adding a bit of Royal canin digestive care, as it has prebiotics and psyllium husk for the digestion and to prevent hairballs. Is it okay to mix 3 different...
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    Is all fish bad for all cats?

    I feed my cat a mixture of ziwi peak air dried lamb and mackerel and instinct original chicken. Can the mackerel cause hyperthyroidism if fed daily ?
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    Vitamin A toxicity

    Thanks for the reply daftcat75
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    Vitamin A toxicity

    Hello, I have a query about vitamin A toxicity. I’m feeding my cat a mixture of Ziwi peak lamb and mackerel air dried food and instinct original chicken dry food and they both contain liver. Is it safe to continue feeding both? Thanks