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  1. Sammoore97

    Comment by 'Sammoore97' in article 'Siamese Cats'

    I have a siemies had her since she was 9 weeks old i rescude her off the streets foynd out she had no mom so i took her in and took her to the vet shes healthy and i love her she is preganant but shes my companion and she chose me as i chose her. If u ever heard of a familear shes mine and if i...
  2. Sammoore97

    Need Advice Plz

    My cat greyeyes is pregnant with her first litter she keeps meowing and laying on my lap also cleaning herself a whole lot idk how far along she is but she is affectionate one minute wanting me to pet her belly the next she wants to bite and scratch what do i do. Can anyone tell me plz
  3. Sammoore97

    Comment by 'Sammoore97' in article 'Cat Aggression Toward People'

    That was very helpful thank u