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  1. Lennybells

    What breed (if any) is this cat?

    She is so cute! Has the face of a Maine Coon or Siberian. My Siberian has the LOOOOONG tail too. How heavy is she? By 6 months most Maine Coons are gigantic.
  2. Lennybells

    Featured New Cat with Mild Anxiety?

    She sounds scared of the carrier. Hobbes hates it but tolerates it. The plastic carrier is amazing for that. If she starts showing anxiety for other daily routines like nail clipping (that kind of stuff; things you have to do for her benefit) you might have to get her on meds for that. It...
  3. Lennybells

    New Fur Baby!

    FURBABY!! Phoenix is GORGEOUS. I want to squeeze that face!
  4. Lennybells

    Game - Name Something Near You

    Old and ripped Duvet cover. Name a plant that you would like to buy
  5. Lennybells

    Featured Picture of the Month Competition: May 2024: "It wasn't me"

    ENTRY: Hobbes ”I may or may not have harassed the fish”
  6. Lennybells

    Recipes - Cakes And Other Baked Desserts

    That sounds AMAZING
  7. Lennybells

    Look At These Little Dudes!

  8. Lennybells

    Harness Training

    So cute!! We live in a city/suburban area so a long leash is not safe. Cars and stuff. Yeah.
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    Strawberry, raspberry and blueberry
  10. Lennybells


    I’d go for A2, then I’d continue to eat the rest of the brownies
  11. Lennybells

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, May 15, 2024

    I use mainly iMessage and WhatsApp. I sometimes call but usually I only call my grandparents
  12. Lennybells

    Feral Cat Health

    I read online that there is an oral prescription. Not sure which brand but it does exist. If he has mange then he might have other issues. It might not be a bad idea to trap him and get him a check-up at the vet to be sure. Just an idea.
  13. Lennybells

    Balki's thread :)

    ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. The breeder sounds amazing. The fact that they kept you in touch for every update is outstanding!!!
  14. Lennybells

    Harness Training

    He is better with the harness. He picks up stuff like this very quickly. Any ideas on how to get him used to the leash? Last time I tried he freaked out that he was attached to something (I don’t blame him)
  15. Lennybells

    Adopting a cat when my lease says I can't have more than one

    I’m so sorry that you have to endure with such loneliness. It’s truly a shame. I hope that you will be able to get a second cat. I don’t have any ideas of how to get around the one cat rule but I wish you support in your endeavours.
  16. Lennybells

    Harness Training

    I put it on, and left it for a few mins, and he is chill with it. Imma take it off and maybe try later, but he has been amazing so far. He got some treats!!
  17. Lennybells

    Harness Training

    Hi again. So Hobbes is a HUGE adventure cat…every new space MUST be explored as soon as possible. So we have decided to try walking him outside with a harness and lead. We have the harness (fit check is successful. Not too tight, not too loose), and I put it on him. He doesn’t like it but did...
  18. Lennybells

    Calling all knitters and other woolly things.

    I’ve heard about those!! I saw a vid on YouTube where a girl made a felt dog for an owner who lost hers. The result was so lifelike! I tried one of those tiny kits (didn’t turn out well), but I still love it!
  19. Lennybells

    Hello from England

    Welcome Grey Rodent and your gorgeous munchkin Fei!!
  20. Lennybells

    Claw clipping (back claws)

    Ah. Then that won’t work. The above suggestions are amazing too! Hope it all works out soon!