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    Comment by 'catwoman=^..^=' in article '14 Cat Experts Reveal: How To Get A Cat To Like Me'

    Great articles! I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. My cat, whom I've had for 14 years is VERY persnickety. Many times when I go to pick her up I slowly wrap my hands around her midsection and ask her, "Is it okay if I pick you up?" If she gives even a little meow of disapproval I retreat. A...
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    Comment by 'catwoman=^..^=' in article '17 Hilarious Photos Of Adorable Cats Going Undercover'

    These are the most superest duperest photos! First class spies all the way!
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    Comment by 'catwoman=^..^=' in article 'Quiz: Are You A Crazy Cat Lady?'

    I just made it to True Cat Lover, mainly, I think, because I would gently nudge my cat over without waking her.  The only reason I would do this is that I only have a twin bed.  If I had a full size or queen size bed I may have made it to Crazy Cat Lady!  There's still hope for me yet!  LOL!
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    Comment by 'catwoman=^..^=' in article 'Feline Toy Story: 21 Sweet Cats With Their Soft Furriends'

    Years ago I had bought my kitty a very small, cute as the dickens, teddy bear and she seemed to instinctively know that it wasn't one of her play mice to tear up.  It was so cute.  Sadly, over the years and all the moving that I have done I have misplaced that teddy bear :(
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    Comment by 'catwoman=^..^=' in article '12 Authentic Photos That Expose Cats As Aliens (the Last One Will Shock You!)'

    These are the cutest! Earlier I had taken a bunch of photos of my kitty with my cell phone and most of her eyes are glowing...... Oh oh! LOL! I remember when I first got online years and years ago the joke was that cats are really aliens in disguise! I guess it's come full circle.....
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    Comment by 'catwoman=^..^=' in article 'No Money For Vet Care? How To Find Help And Save Your Cat's Life'

    Thank you soooooo much for this very helpful list of organizations.  I'm on Disability and need resources that would help me with routine care as well.  Am looking forward to your next article on that!  Thank you! :)
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    Comment by 'catwoman=^..^=' in article 'How To Safely Pamper Your Cat With Turkey Treats'

    I especially found the section that covered not feeding your cat raw food unless she is already used to it.  Thanks for the tips and suggestions.  They will really come in handy this Thanksgiving season.
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    Comment by 'catwoman=^..^=' in article 'Feline Toy Story: 21 Sweet Cats With Their Soft Furriends'

    Such an adorable collection of photos of cats with their furriends!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!=^..^=
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    Comment by 'catwoman=^..^=' in article '23 Derpy Cat Smiles That Will Brighten Up Your Day'

    So incredibly precious!  Thank you so much for sharing such cuteness!=^..^=
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    Comment by 'catwoman=^..^=' in article 'Moderators, Mentors And Advisors - All About Tcs Roles'

    After reading this article I now know how truly organized this site is.  It really makes me feel good.  I think everyone does a fantastic job.  I joined this site years ago, but haven't been very active.  Hopefully, that will change. :)
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    Comment by 'catwoman=^..^=' in article '31 Embarrassing Ways For Cats To Get Stuck - The Tcs Kitty Illustrated Guide'

    Those are the darndest and cutest photos that I have seen in a long time.  I had a cat who jumped on the top of doors all the time, but, she never got stuck.  She was always able to get back down.  No problem!  LOL!
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    Hello!! New Here!!

    Thank you all so much for the warm welcome!! I'm sure I will love it here! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone here!! Purrs, Catwoman=^..^= & Mija
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    Where Does Everyone Live?

    I live in San Diego - America's Finest City!! Purrs, Catwoman=^..^= & Mija
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    Hello!! New Here!!

    My name is Catwoman=^..^= and live in San Diego, California with my 2 year old black domestic shorthair by the name of Mija. It's pronounced mee-hah and is a term of endearment in Spanish which means 'honey'. I'm looking forward to being a member of this forum and meeting other cat lovers like...