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  1. Jem

    Question of the Day - Monday, May 20, 2024

    My meatloaf is seasoned with garlic, onions and whatever spice I'm in the mood for with some BBQ sauce, again, whatever BBQ sauce is the one that's open in the fridge. Ketchup is too sweet for me. I eat my steak with just some S&P, however if I'm in the mood to make it, I will eat it with a...
  2. Jem

    Question of the Day, Saturday, May 18

    I always try to keep a balanced diet and include veggies and salad along with a starch/carb...but I gotta go with a starch. I absolutely love rice! Pasta and potatoes (depending on how they are prepared) are tied for second. I could seriously eat rice everyday....yum! Carbs are my friends...
  3. Jem

    I entered my first real pool tournament! expected, I did not win, but I did have fun. Good news, even though I was the lowest ranked person entered...I did NOT get last place!!!!!! Woot!.........I got second to last! :lol: :rolleyes2: But I consider that a win! My husband and I were also asked to help with the score...
  4. Jem

    I entered my first real pool tournament!

    I entered my first "real" pool tournament. It's happening today, starting at 11am. Although I'm quite good a pool, I would still be considered an amateur. When asking the guy who organized it who else had entered, I'm the lowest ranked my expectations of winning are not exactly...
  5. Jem

    Who still eats mcdonalds kentuky fried,etc ?

    We'll treat ourselves to McDonald's maybe 1-2 times a year. Although I would love to have some KFC sometimes, our local KFC just isn't the same since new owners took it's not very good anymore. Same with Dairy Queen and Pizza Hut, new owners and now it's filthy and kinda gross. Mary...
  6. Jem

    Spring allergies

    Ugh! My allergies are terrible this year. I'm just a snot machine at this point...and the post nasal drip makes it seem like I'm sick all the time due to my cough, so I'm constantly having to explain myself to people so they don't think I'm sharing germs. The pollen isn't too thick just yet...
  7. Jem

    Question of the Day, Saturday, May 11

    Oh my!...So many! Big Bang, Friends, Buffy, Angel, Castle, Gray's Anatomy, Goldbergs, Young Sheldon, Good Doctor...and probably more.
  8. Jem

    Question of the Day - Thursday May 9, 2024

    Thank you! :)
  9. Jem

    Chips and?

    I don't like avocados so I'll go with salsa...however, just plain chips with salsa doesn't excite me either. The chips need to be in "nacho" form.
  10. Jem

    Question of the Day - Thursday May 9, 2024

    A locally owned (not franchised or chained) sports bar/restaurant type place. It's primarily Italian foods, as the owners are Italian and use their family recipes for several of their dishes, but it also has your standard pub food. They are known for their meatballs and pizza, but have a pretty...
  11. Jem

    Question of the Day, Wednesday, May 8, 2024

    As for blood relatives. It's a tie between my aunt and my cousin (mother/daughter). My aunt has severe mental health issues and is always in conflict with someone in the family. She is always stirring the pot and seems to thrive on confrontation. That doesn't sound too horrible, but how she...
  12. Jem

    Question of the Day - Monday, May 6, 2024

    I did some "date night" babysitting for one of my neighbors as well as after school babysitting for another neighbor starting when I was 13 or so, but my first real job was when I was 15-16 at a jewelry store. I kept that job until was 19 or so. At 17, I got a job to be a camp counselor for a...
  13. Jem

    Which one...

    Found this and wanted to know your opinions. Which is the correct way and explain why. lol. I say #2. First off, #1 just looks weird. Second, a tie, while it does go around the neck, should also lay over the chest. The tie also goes under the collar of the shirt and if Mr. Dino was also...
  14. Jem

    Question of the Day - Thursday May 2, 2024

    Rose - this was my last week of work before taking a holiday. I'm not going anywhere, it's just a needed break and I'm planning on doing some spring cleaning and yard work. Bud - Seriously...all I can think of is how great it'll be when I'm done my spring cleaning/purging....SOOOOO...
  15. Jem

    Anyone buy a new vehicle lately?

    Dude said up to 4 hours labor for whatever gasket(s) he thinks is/are the culprit, but that was for the "best case scenario"......just looked at the report and it said "valve cover gaskets"...wherever those are :dunno:...But my husband is the one who noticed some oil on the left side of the...
  16. Jem

    Anyone buy a new vehicle lately?

    An EV was not even on my radar. :) The battery technology isn't anywhere near where I think it needs to be for our brutal winters.
  17. Jem

    Anyone buy a new vehicle lately?

    Also, some feedback on the vehicle you drive and if its good or not would be great. Looking specifically for minivans or full size SUVs...the cargo space is a must for my husband's business' deliveries...he makes signs up to 8 feet...or is it 6?...anyway, it has to be at least as long as our...
  18. Jem

    Anyone buy a new vehicle lately?

    My husband thinks we are at a crossroads with our current minivan. It's a 2014 dodge grand caravan. It's still in really great shape, but we have a repair in the near future that we need to do. Some of the oil gaskets need fixed. Best case just under $1000...but hubby says it could end up...
  19. Jem

    Question of the Day - Monday, April 29, 2024

    Although we had separate friend groups, within those groups, we had mutual friends so would cross paths sometimes. The main "event" where we actually hung out and talked was at a friends stag and doe. Then, the following weekend I went to the future brides house to help with centerpieces, and...
  20. Jem


    #1 for small (hand, face cloths), #2 for large, however, when put away in the closet, the folded ends face out, not the edges. It just looks cleaner that way.