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    Kitty Scared To Death!

    No, but he had a twin brother that ran off when they were about a year old and he had some separation anxiety and then we moved about 6 months later and I could tell that he got very anxious over the changes. But never to the point of panting. He seems to be doing better as I can hear him...
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    Comment by 'Doriocookie' in article '10 Facts You Should Know About Feral Cats'

    Last winter a little pregnant feral cat showed up on our doorstep. I have an indoor outdoor cat and I keep food both inside and out. Anyway, it was apparent that she had become quite enamored with my (neutered) male cat. She would show up on my porch on a daily basis and I would talk to her and...
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    Kitty Scared To Death!

    I have a very large long hair ginger (Bubba) anyway, I've noticed that he is very skittish. He is 2 yrs old and an indoor outdoor cat. About an hour ago our power went out due to severe winds. I realized Bubba was still outside so I called for him and he didn't come which is very unusual. I came...