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  1. karrotlover

    Kitten Doesn't Want To Play With Cat

    Hello! I have a 2-year-old male cat named Bagheera :blackcat2:. He has always been THE most playful, curious, energetic cat ever. About 3 weeks ago we got a kitten, a 4-month-old female named Caramel :lovecat2:. Both are fixed. We did a slow intro like we're supposed to, and they seem to get...
  2. karrotlover

    Unable To Meet Daily Requiements For Kitten's Diets

    Oh GOOD! Glad to hear you guys are getting somewhere! :) :cheerleader::bigeyes:
  3. karrotlover

    Unable To Meet Daily Requiements For Kitten's Diets

    Glad to be of some help! Our kitty’s name is Bagheera and it took about 10 days to gradually get him to full dose of EZC supplement mix. But I've read that every cat is different and that if something causes a reaction you back off completely and start even smaller and go even slower. For me...
  4. karrotlover

    Home Cooked Food For Kitty With Lazy/irritable Bowels?

    My cat is allergic to chicken meat (will scratch himself until he bleeds) -- I know this from homemaking his food. BUT egg yolk does him wonders for constipation and does not cause him any trouble. Different proteins I believe. My kitty gets homecooked pork with a supplement mix called EZ...
  5. karrotlover

    Unable To Meet Daily Requiements For Kitten's Diets

    Kudos to you for figuring out, step by step, what works and doesn't work for your cat! We've gone through a similar journey with our (now 1.5 year old) cat. After trying what seemed like every commercially available food out there (dry, canned, raw) and many vet visits later, we tried plain...
  6. karrotlover

    1 Yr Old Cat Eats Like A Fiend

    Oh that is very insightful everyone! I don't trim off any fat, and I poach my meat with just enough water to cover and keep all the cooking liquid. But, apparently I have been using lean cuts (pork loin, etc.). So that probably has something to do with the amount he eats! We will try using...
  7. karrotlover

    1 Yr Old Cat Eats Like A Fiend

    He's a mutt, a short haired, lanky, sleek black cat. As far as we can tell he stopped growing bigger around/before reaching 12 months.
  8. karrotlover

    Cat Started High Peeing

    Hi. Ever since we switched from Feline Pine pellet litter to Dr Elsey's clumping litter our cat Bagheera has started high peeing. He always starts out squatting like before, but as he starts peeing he will raise his bum slowly until he is peeing right over the edge of the litterbox. Does anyone...
  9. karrotlover

    1 Yr Old Cat Eats Like A Fiend

    Hi. My cat eats cooked pork balanced with EZ Complete. Is it normal for a 14-month-old cat to eat almost double the "recommended amount" for his weight? He is 8.5 pounds and gobbles up 9 oz of meat (raw weight) a day. He is skinny and very active. He has great bowel movements since switching to...
  10. karrotlover

    Cortisone Shot/id Diet For Chronic Ibd? New Docs Suggestions

    Look for the Facebook group Raw Feeding for IBD Cats. They also have a web site, you can Google that. Even if you don't feed raw, it is such a well-informed and responsive group. My cat has IBD and benefited a lot from the help of this group/web site. He had chronic bloody diarrhea and I used...
  11. karrotlover

    Litterbox A Stinkbomb

    Sorry... but where do you live that you cannot find any meat? Surely people buy meat at a store or a butcher shop? Curious!
  12. karrotlover

    Cats Poop Ends Up On Me

    Soooo healthy cat poop does not stick to the butt. It should be firm enough to come off clean. If my kitten was smearing poop around the house with a poopy butt, I would definitely take him to the vet! At least call and ask about the situation. Could be parasites, diet, etc... but it's not...
  13. karrotlover

    Litterbox A Stinkbomb

    Raw doesn't have to be so daunting -- you can just buy meat that you would eat and mix it up with a pre-mixed supplement like TC Feline or EZ Complete (there are lots out there) to make it completely balanced, if you don't want to measure out and mix your own supplements, organs, etc. Also...
  14. karrotlover

    Freeze Dried Raw

    I agree with the above replies.... I think technically you CAN feed the freeze-dried raw food as they are, but from my personal experience it's not best to go back and forth between fresh/re-hydrated raw and dry raw... But my cat does have a very sensitive tummy. Maybe your cats will be just...
  15. karrotlover

    Please Help Me I Dont Know What To Do

    Okay, I'm going to take a different stance here. Maybe if you feel THIS overwhelmed about the prospect of a slow introduction and the necessary changes in behavior, maybe the best thing to do is to return her to the shelter. For both you and for the kitten. She is a kitten, so she probably...
  16. karrotlover

    Litterbox A Stinkbomb

    Have you considered feeding your kitties a raw diet? In my (and many others') experience, the difference in poop smell between a non-raw diet and a raw diet is INCREDIBLE. Also, the volume and frequency of stool will decrease. This is because more of raw food is digestible and absorbed into a...
  17. karrotlover

    Advantages Of Non Clumping Litter?

    Update: my cat has some allergy issues, so to eliminate any potential pine oil effects, I swapped out the Feline Pine with the Blue Buffalo walnut pellets today. So far so good. Only thing was that my dumb cat thought the walnut pellets were treats. He ATE a couple of them! So I threw in...
  18. karrotlover

    Teaching New Kitten To Scratch Less?

    1. Get in the habit of clipping the claws every single week. It makes a HUGE difference in the amount of damage done to your carpet, furniture, and skin. 2. Do not ever play with her by using your hands/fingers/toes/feet as "prey." 3. If/when she scratches you, try hissing loudly at her...
  19. karrotlover

    Advantages Of Non Clumping Litter?

    Since I switched to pine litter from the traditional clumping litter, a smelly litter box is pretty much a thing of the past. The pine pellets absorb the liquid and swell up, then break down into coarse sawdust. This happens pretty fast (5 minutes?) and neutralizes the urine smell in the...
  20. karrotlover

    Advantages Of Non Clumping Litter?

    My simplest recommendation: The non-clumping pellets break down into a coarse sawdust when peed on. To work with this, get the Van Ness Sifting Can Pan. It's a 3-part litter box that is made of 2 regular litter pans and 1 sifting pan, stacked together. Stack it like this, top to bottom...