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    Seeking Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Kidney Disease: Any Recommendations?

    thank you so much for your suggestion
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    Seeking Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Kidney Disease: Any Recommendations?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance or insights you can offer.
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    Seeking Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Kidney Disease: Any Recommendations?

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching out to inquire if anyone has experience or recommendations regarding homemade dog food recipes suitable for canines with kidney disease. My beloved pet has recently been diagnosed, and I want to ensure I'm providing the best nutrition possible to support their...
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    The Most Fantastic Cat Names Ever? Bring Them On!

    I would never pick out the cat's name before I picked out the cat! I prefer to choose names that suit their personality, colors, stories, etc.
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    Cat food opinion

    I need your advice. I always fed my cat dry food. Suddenly I've decided to give him wet pouches and, to my surprise, he liked them. For a few months he eats wet food in the morning and dry food during the day. Didn't notice any changes in his health and behavior, except he is really happy when...
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    Living With A Bobcat

    Hello.. I am very interested in buying one or two Serval or Caracal or Bobcat cubs. (or a mixture) I have wanted one for a very long time as they are a plausable alternative to a Lion/tiger/leopard. Does anyone have any information on what obtaining a DWA licence requires? I understand its...
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    Maine Coon & Bobcat?

    what are these cats temperments like in general? Or can anyone recommend a purebred? (with pictures hopefully ;)):) I've only ever had moggies...normally I'd adopt from a home, but I quite like the idea of showing :eek: It's not for now because a) I'm skint and b) I'm not in a position to show...
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    Blue bobcat

    I saw a picture of one on Montana Trappers FB page. They said it was called a Blue or Maltese color phase, and according to them, very rare. Only reason I ask is because I've only ever seen one bobcat and thats what it looked like. We were down near Branson fishing last spring and just up the...
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    Cat Over-grooming. Possibly fleas?

    no. I didn't try anything yet.
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    Cat Over-grooming. Possibly fleas?

    Hello. I wonder if anyone can help. Our dear cat Alfie spends a lot of time grooming and biting himself. He is also very scabby and has them all over him. Vets have said it's a flea problem and we've tried all the Frontline treatments and nothing is working. He is a very sociable and happy cat...