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    Why do people give kittens up too soon?

    I have 3 cats. The oldest, she will be 16 in August,, was only 4 weeks old when i got her. The people assured me she was 8 weeks old. Ididn't know any better and brought her home. The vet is the one who told me. She had some unusual problems to start with. Mommy had not taught her about the...
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    Whiskers Falling Out??

    Hi--Like the others said, it is normal. My boy kitty loses his eyebrows on hte left side quite often. He just gets them grown back in and they fall out again. He looks kind of silly but we love him. LOL
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    We've taken on a new cat - Tigger

    I just found your story tonight. It is very late here (1 AM), my eyes are almost shut. But I could not go to bed without finishing your "Chronicles of Tigger." I love it! I think you are a very humble man for not recognizing the profound effet that you are having on all of us. You have given me...
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    Nasty male feral

    I have quite a few ferals around here. Thye have been around for years and years. I feed them, water them, and provide shelter of sorts. Some come for a quick pet before scittering away. I would take them in for a nueter/spay but I just can't afford it. The vets in my area all feel it is a...
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    Requesting Vibes for our Tippy

    I don't come here nearly often enough. So when I do I have long thread to read. My heart was nearly breaking half way through this read. I was afraid to go to the next page. I am so glad that Tippy is doing better. I pray that he will be with you a long while yet. You seem to be an amazing...
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    Is it okay to give your cat milk?

    My little girl is 17 years old. If she doesn't get her twice daily squirt of Redi-whip she pouts. She has receieved this treat since infancy. She is healthy and as active as any 17 year old would be. I don't know if Redi-whip would be the same as regular milk or not. What I do know is if I were...
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    Healthy Food for 3 different ages

    I have been reading threads regarding healthy food for our kids. I have 3 of them. Little Kitty is 17, Tubby is 8 , and Ozzy is 5. I can't afford the really expensive foods but is there a pretty good quality super market brand that all 3 could eat? Right now they all eat from the same bowl...
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    need suggestions till Monday

    Jenn, I just found this thread. I have read it all the way through. At times my eyes were teary. Sometimes I had to jump forward to get to the update parts. I am so glad for you that Toe is better. I understand as all of us do how hard it is when our kids get sick. My oldest girl will be 17 this...
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    Kitten being too affectionate

    This is just another way of our cats surprising us. They only want us to think they don't need us. I have a cat who is 16 years old. Just a few months ago she got it into her head that she LOVES my husband. She always before ignored him, totally. Now, she jumps on his lap, stares him in the...
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    Third Eye

    Is it ever normal fo rhte third eye to show all the time? My boy seems to have it but he is healthy and loving. But that little white part is always there. He eats well, plays alot, and like most kitties sleeps. He purrs when he is on a lap. Loves to get snacks. I checked him and he is not...
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    Third Eye

    Hi Everyone, I have heard lots of times about the third eye. And read its description. I can't ever seem to understand what it is or where it is located. Does it look like the cats eyelid is turned inside out? Does it happen with a discahrge? Is some discharge from a cat's eye normal? Please...
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    My kitten has leukemia...

    HI Rukia is a perfect twin for my Ozzy. I have had some experience with the Luekemia. I had a little orange tabby with it who only lasted a couple of months. Then a few years later I had sisters who both had it. They were a hand full. LOL They lived just under 3 years with the disease. My vet...
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    Meow Mix Market Select...how good/bad is it?

    Okay, maybe I am just dense. I have had cats all of my life. I currently have 3. Thye ONLY get dry foods. Is this bad for them? The food is Meow Mix. They are all healthy. All except Little Kitty who is currently losing weight. She has a doctor appointment for next week. If they should also have...
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    Should I let my kitten lick his paws after declaw?

    Hi--I have had all of the cats that I have ever owned declawed. Here is my advice....If the older cat won't use the yesterday's news litter add just a bit of her litter to the box. Not much mind you but enough so that there is the scent of it. That is what I have done when having declawed new...
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    Senior losing weight

    Little Kitty is 15 now. She eats well, plays occasionally, and is always sweet. But she seems to be losing weight lately. She doesn't act "sick " in any way, she isn't crabby. Is it normal for an older cat to just lose weight. She was always a little chubby, never overweight but now the weight...
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    How Long Does The Sadness Last??

    I lost 2 cats within 2 weeks of each other three years ago. They were sisters. I truly believe that the 2nd girl died of a broken heart. They both died in my arms at home. We couldn't talk about them at all for a while. It was just too painful. Now, we enjoy remembering them and their crazy...
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    "Ethical" question

    I, too have aproblem with a cat colony. I live in a rural area. I called All of the vets in a 30 mile radius to me. They pretty much told me I am on my own with this situation. Since this is a farming community the vets think that the cats are either the farmers problem, or the farmers friend...
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    Pilling the Unpillable

    HI, While I have had some experience in pilling my cats my expriences don't live up to yours. I had 5 kitties sick at once andhad to give them meds 3 times a day of 2 different meds. What I found to work was to take some of the gravy in a jar, thin it out a bit with water, disolve the pill in...
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    Bathroom issues

    Hi again, I can't get near enough to the mommy or the babies to takethem in anywhere. As soon as they see me or my husband they take off. I know they are in the garage sometimes because I see them runnign when I open the door. The mommy (who we call Wolfe) has been around about 2 years and as...
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    Bathroom issues

    Thanks fo rthe reply. I must be numb in the brain. LOL. I never even thought to give them litter boxes. I will certainly give that a try. Seems like such an obvious simple solution. Thanks again. Trudy