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  1. Catxmama

    Cat very nauseous and dry heaving randomly?

    Hi there. Long story short I gave my cat Morton ondansetron just a half hour ago because he vomited up a decent size hairball..ate some lunch then vomited the food up and now he's walking around dry heaving spit. I feel awful and there isnt any right reason that makes sense why he's doing this...
  2. Catxmama

    Not hydrating freeze dried food?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone feeds their pet whether it's primal or stella and chewys freeze dried food. My kitty drinks water and isn't ever dehydrated unless he's going through his autoimmune flare where he gets fevers and stuff. But he wont eat wet food and I've just accepted that and I...
  3. Catxmama

    Denamarin or milk thistle?

    Hi! My little guy Morton is doing so well..youd never suspect he was nearly dead from dka/pancreatitis in August. he's had some bumps until now like mycoplasma and fevers but it seems we have figured it out for now and he is doing fantastic and playing like a kitten 😭 I just got his 3 week labs...
  4. Catxmama

    Chronic swollen lymph nodes in neck?

    I posted once before about my kitty Morton. It appears his lymph node swelling has returned. He's had issues on and off through his whole life (he has ITP by the way, in remission) and yesterday I noticed two tiny little soft squishy lymph nodes on the right side of his neck. For some reason the...
  5. Catxmama

    Cats hind legs touch together?

    This is how my kitty stands sometimes. The only thing iffy about his blood work is his potassium has gone under 4. I know that doesnt mean much but the normal range on a CBC is 3.5 to 5.5 but usually should stay at least above 4 and mid range. I'm not sure if this is a symptom of it every time I...
  6. Catxmama

    Does anyone give a multivitamin?

    Hi! I have a very special kitty, morton who has been on b12 shots every 10 days and also the nucat multivitamins. They say they're chewable but he won't eat them (I doubt any cat would eat a chalky tablet!) But I just put half in a capsule and the other half in another capsule and give morning...
  7. Catxmama

    Cat itching neck and gead a lot?

    Hi! A lot of you know Morton. I'll sum this up super short: august he had dka, sepsis and pancreatitis and then also tested positive for a mycoplasma parasite. When he got back from the icu after about 11 days total in there he itches constantly. The itching has gotten a lot better I'm sure just...
  8. Catxmama

    Random Nausea? Help!

    Does anyone have a kitty with health problems that gets nauseous randomly some days? It makes me feel so defeated. My kitty Morton has been doing great and eating well off cypro and ondansetron but today he seems a little off. He did go to the vet and get a lot of blood work and he was anemic...
  9. Catxmama

    Anyone's Cat Breathe Loud Instead Of Purr Sometimes?

    My little kitty when he is relaxing will breathe really heavy sometimes and loud when I come up and pet him but not purr. But act really content. It kind of sounds like an old lady smoker breathe mixed with a pigeon. other times he will just purr and not breathe very loud but he heavy purrs...
  10. Catxmama

    Doxycycline Causing High Alt?

    Hi! My cat is on doxy twice a day I believe 50 mg for 2 more weeks (a week already on it) for mycoplasma. His alt is 800! Never in his life been high and the only thing is the doxy. I've read it can cause liver damage. Any experience with you?
  11. Catxmama

    How Did Your Cat Handle Doxycycline?

    Hi! My kitty needs to be on this for a month to treat a red blood cell parasite. He was on clavamox recently but got so sick I had to stop (different issue). I've been told this is far more gentle but I still worry. What are your kitties experiences on doxy? He is on proviable so that should...
  12. Catxmama

    Huge Lymphnodes In Neck. But Not Cancer?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has experience with this and what you did to help the nodes go away! We suspect my cats haywire immune system is to blame since he has ITP (immune system kills platelets) he is currently in remission and off all the meds he was on his whole life to keep things okay...
  13. Catxmama

    Coughed After Liquid Meds?

    Hi! Since my kitty came back from the ER having a feeding tube and all for a week (he came home a week ago) he has been a little weird taking water from a syringe. Usually he laps it up and swallows a lot but now he kind of lets it fall out of his mouth and swallow a little and kind of gulp...
  14. Catxmama

    Cat Has Bit Me His Whole Life. Why??

    I have a 10 year old healthy and chunky boy named Lucky. He was found in the desert about 6 weeks old and terrified begging to be helped so here he is 10 years later! He has always been food obsessed the vet thinks because he's orange but also could be he still has ptsd from kitten hood where he...
  15. Catxmama

    Diabetic Ketoacidosis And Hypokalemia

    Has anyones cat had this before? My 1.5 year old has been through the ringer of health scares. He has ITP since 3 months old and on prednisolone since he got diagnosed with ITP and I took him off this week when he got diagnosed with ketoacidosis. he is on atopica to control his ITP and it works...
  16. Catxmama

    No Appetite Randomly On Atopica

    Hi! Long story short my cat has ITP and to control it he has been on 2 25mg of cyclosporine a day. This is generic to atopica. I wanted to lower his dose so I did 25mg cyclosporine and 10mg of atopica. The atopica makes him very ill and it is MUCH stronger than cyclosporine unfortunately. He is...
  17. Catxmama

    High Calorie Treats?

    Hi! Anyone know of high calorie treats? I have fancy feast duos. 1 small piece is 2 calories but theres so much dye and crap in them just wondering if anyone has any ideas or brands for more calories to add to a diet.
  18. Catxmama

    Deep Sleep Eyes Open?

    Hi! My 1.5 year old kitty Morton near gives me a heart attack sometimes. He will be just passed out eyes all the way open in the middle of the floor unresponsive. Sometimes I shake him and call his name and he stays asleep twitching a bit but god forbid someone walking by outside he hears and...
  19. Catxmama

    Little To No Appetite On Cyclosporine

    Hiya! My Morton has been on 50mg of cyclosporine per day for almost 6 months to control his ITP. I am in the process of lowering a tad bit and recheck platelets to see the dose his body truly needs to keep them stable but right now I cannot lower it. We are almost off prednisolone but I've...
  20. Catxmama

    Fever And The Runs.. Immunotherapy Drugs

    Hi friends. I've posted about my little love bug Morton before. He is about a year and a few months now and has ITP. He got on 50mg of cyclosporine back in January and is ALMOST completely off prednisolone (hes been on pred since he was 3 months). He has reoccuring diarrhea accompanied by a...