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    THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT : Pixie w/ pics.

    I could not have done it without the voices on this board. Here is a little taste of a happy new mom and her 3 day old kitties. Pixied
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    help is she in labor

    please someone tell me how much longer do i have...she i had a little blood discharge just know she is breathing harder now.. will she have these babies to night...
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    still no babies..one more ?'s...Thank You

    Pixie still hasn't had her babies let...But she is fullly bagged and is dialited (sp) their is more discharge. There is milk coming in from her nipples.So my question How Much Longer? Her belly is harder today,do they cry when they are in the firststage of labor or 2nd stage of labor..The...
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    how much longer for pixie

    how much longer will it be before she go in to labor.she eating (snacken) sp...their milk coming from her nipples cleaning her self a lot more today...clear discharge from her...sleeping all the time...is the first stage of labor her due date is the 18 ...i can't wait ...
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    no sigh of labor.....

    my pixie is 61-62 days and no sign of labor.how much longer ....lol..i wait i'm so happy. im all smiles. i hope soon ....
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    I Hope You Enjoy This Web Site I Found!!!

    I found tOBLEMS. By DANIELLE GUNN-MOORE Cats, with few exceptions. have come through the ages remarkably unscathed in respect of size, shape and temperament. Today, however, the cat breeder has as much, if not more, to do with the control of feline genetics, than does natural selection. The...
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    Is My Himmy Close Or Not?

    my cat pixie is about 58 days ago. I had taken her tempertion and it was 100.7 does that mean she is close She is eating a little today and is meowing alot today.Now someone told me that they bag up about 3 days before they have their babies is this true? She been very sleepy and...
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    A question about my cat....?

    My cat is six weeks pregnant.My question is? ...Why is my male cat still trying to mate her or he is trying to smell her down their ?What is the reason for this ? thank you ....
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    In Need Of Help... Is This Overbreeding Or What?

    I have a friend that breeds siamese cats,she has at least 8 felmale and at least 6 males and she has 3 bengles cats and 5 dogs which she is breeding 2 of them and the felmale dog just had 4 pups. She also has 3 differents litter of siamese kittens. She went a different state an pick up min...