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  1. cassiopea

    You Get A Call From The Principal.....

    Well, since my kitties are notorious for opening doors and getting into things, I suspect they would have broken into some stuff to steal :lol: Either at the cafeteria or stealing something from the principal's office!
  2. cassiopea

    Question of the day, Wednesday August 12

    All of them don't care except for Liffey - Few months ago she discovered herself in the mirror on her own. She kept looking/staring at herself, tilting her head and made little meows :lol: She did this for a good few minutes! Not sure if it self-awareness or she thinks it was another kitty...
  3. cassiopea


    Limping Calici? Limping Calici — Kitten Lady I believe it is also known as Limping Kitten Syndrome. Granted starting with a relative big one! Don't want to cause panic. In any case definitely good to be mindful about it regarding any progress. Otherwise there is plenty of other...
  4. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, August 11

    Salutations to all! Happy Tuesday ~ What would a world populated by clones of you be like? A world populated by me would be a kind world where all animals would be treated like gold and all intellectual pursuits would blossom. But also a world of annoying overthinking and...
  5. cassiopea

    Question of the day - Thursday 6 August

    Right before it rains :redheartpump: And Campfire
  6. cassiopea

    Could use some good thoughts.

    Huge hugs and love! We are all here for you during this difficult time! :redheartpump: :grouphug: Thanks for keeping us updated.
  7. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, August 4

    Greetings! A warm welcome to the first Tuesday of August :) What do you prefer to wear when you go swimming? A one piece, bikini, monokini, tank, swimshorts, briefs, swimdress etc Normally I favor bikinis, but last summer I went ahead and got a monokini design since I was...
  8. cassiopea

    Question of The Day. Saturday 1st of August.

    Blue Herons Foxes Cardinals, Gold Finches, Sparrows etc Garter Snakes Bunnies Bats Deer Raccoons Porcupines Coyotes And if I go out to my local trail I see Swans <3
  9. cassiopea

    If Your Cats Had Pockets....

    Tippy Toes: Map to buried treasure or of the world for a sea faring adventure Morgana: Diamonds Liffey: Mice Everyone else: Temptations cat treats :lol:
  10. cassiopea

    Question of the day - Thursday 30 July

    Cadillac, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Citroë short list it seems :lol: But for fun I'll go with a Mini "Cooper"!
  11. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, July 28

    Hello Hello! Happy Tuesday! Is there is a specific smell/fragrance that brings you back to a happy memory? For me at the moment, walking on the busy street on a hot sunny day with the smell of cigarettes in the air. Reminds me of my trip to Rome :lol: totally transports me...
  12. cassiopea

    Question of the Day - Monday, July 27, 2020

    I take Collagen (With vitamin C and Calcium included) and B12.
  13. cassiopea

    What is this?

    As a ballerina who wears pointe shoes, I'm pretty confident that is a bruise! Long toenails in particular can cause bruising (That is why I keep my toenails very short for pointe - Otherwise it's bruise city. Granted even if I didn't do ballet I would still keep them short) so even if you...
  14. cassiopea

    Question of the Day, Friday, July 24

    I love the fall but not ready for it :lol: So haven't started thinking about doing anything yet. Savoring summer for now!
  15. cassiopea

    Question of the day - Thursday 23 July

    Work morning with a day shift - 5:30 AM Sleep in day - Around 8-9 am. Thankfully I have been blessed with kitties who let me sleep in that late :lol: although once 9 hits then they start to try to get me up. Which is totally fine!