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  1. Alejandra Rico

    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

    Freya and I were very dissapointed when we realized she was not included in any of the "x cats only" threads, so here It is, one for all tabby cats. We don't mind if It is classic, mackerel, caos, rosettes, spots, etc. Just show your wonderful tabbies! Some picks of Freya and Raistlin to warm...
  2. Alejandra Rico

    What To Do For Preparing A Bengal Cat For Shows

    Would I bother you too much if I asked you what should I be working with for Freya (bengal) to be able to do decently in a show? I doubt she could win anything, but it would be nice to be able to go and meet other breeders and cat lovers. The nearest cat show is 400km away from my home, so I...
  3. Alejandra Rico

    Pelt like fur breeds?

    I do not really know if this is the right place for posting this, but oh, well, I think it is not wrong either. My question is: appart from bengal breed, famous for its characteristic softness that reminds whoever touching them of an expensive coat, are there any other breeds that have this...
  4. Alejandra Rico

    Hi to everyone

    So, I would like to introduce myself and my cats. As my username shows, my mame is Alejandra, but everybody calls me Alex. I'm from Spain, where I live, and I will be 28 eight on Saturday. This is my lovely, yet kinda weird, Raisylin, a persian x. Believe it le notifica, a friend of my mother...