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  1. Desertmouse

    Pet Emergency Kits?

    Wow everyone has such great ideas, thank you! I love the people on this forum, always so helpful. I wanted to post this in case anyone else could use it as well. Surprisingly I found it on our state gov site (first time I really visited a state site in awhile, very useful stuff) but I’m sure...
  2. Desertmouse

    Pet Emergency Kits?

    Wow the idea with the ace bandage is such a good idea! I hope you don’t mind if I steal it. Also need to remember to add a syringe to my kit. If something extreme enough happens to make us leave the house there is a good chance Sadie would be to stressed to drink water on her own.
  3. Desertmouse

    Pet Emergency Kits?

    Thank you guys! That link was just what I was looking for, you rock! I love the idea of collapsing carriers for the car (or back of the closet),
  4. Desertmouse

    Pet Emergency Kits?

    I was wondering if anyone has a pet emergency kit and if so what you have in it? My money is pretty tight but I found myself with a extra $30ish and it stuck me that instead of doing something like seeing a movie I should start a kit for the animals. I doubt I can get a whole kit started for...
  5. Desertmouse

    Therapy Cats

    That is such a great idea for anyone who has a travel loving cat! I wish Sadie was more adaptable for things like this
  6. Desertmouse

    Cat Very Territorial...please Help!

    Hmm...you said the last two times people have come over she has been fearful right? Can you describe what happened the time before that that people came over? Perhaps something happened that really scared her? We’re there any children over that time? While I understand how upsetting it can be...
  7. Desertmouse

    Should I Get A Friend For A Shy Cat?

    Hmm....what is your shy guy like when it comes to play time? Is he the type who loves to play? If he is then a kitten might not be such a bad idea. If however he doesn’t care for playing as much I would consider a senior cat (or at least one well into their adult years, like in the 7 to 12 year...
  8. Desertmouse

    Leaving Recently Intergrated Cats Alone For The Weekend

    My first take is that I think they will be alright together. If it is possible I would consider setting up a few cams you can check from your phone to give you some piece of mind and if you see anything out of place you could ask your friend to set up on it. If they haven’t gotten into any major...
  9. Desertmouse

    Rescue Cat Wants Outside!

    Aww what a good cat mom you are. I understand how you feel. Is a outdoor catio a option? Or maybe one for just the window(I wish I saved the link, but I saw one that was basically a sturdy box with wire for the sides and and top that is designed to side outside the window for them enjoy). Aside...
  10. Desertmouse

    The Mega Pawsitive Fundraiser

    Alright I got to share this with you guys, it made me giggle(and got the song stuck in my head). Also another video! This one is all about frolic, the mother cat of the kittens now on the main stream and (I believe) the only foster cat they have that doesn’t currently have an adopter. They...
  11. Desertmouse

    Terrible Introduction - Advice Please

    I wouldn’t spray her with water. Cats tend to associate that with the one doing the spraying and it can do bad things to your relationship. If you need to do something like that I understand that noise is better, so something like coins in a tin can. Ideally you would want to watch the body...
  12. Desertmouse

    Therapy Cats

    I didn’t know that, thank you! That sounds like the perfect situation. I wish more places would do this, it can be so helpful. It’s so sad that the owner is allergic, if she wasn’t I would start giving her research on how helpful it is lol of course then she would probably get feed up with me...
  13. Desertmouse

    Random Cat Keeps Visiting My House?

    it sounds like that could be the case, but I would try putting up flyers and maybe posting in any local online communities (like Craig’s list or Facebook or something). A word of warning just in case, try to always show your cat affection before giving affection to the new girl (not that I...
  14. Desertmouse

    Kitty Sitter Advice

    Along the same lines of having her changed her cloths, I have read about people getting a blanket or something similar that the cat sleeps on and is covered in their scent. They would rubbing the items over their hands and whatnot to put the catks scent on the person so the cat is more...
  15. Desertmouse

    Random Cat Keeps Visiting My House?

    I think it’s kind of sweet honestly. It almost sounds like when your kid’s friends come over after school to play and eat everything laying around :lol:. The chasing interaction sounds like play to me. Of course you always got to put your guy first, but from the sound of it he doesn’t seem to...
  16. Desertmouse

    The Mega Pawsitive Fundraiser

    yay! They finally got the mailbag from last week uploaded! Now fair warning this is long, a little over 2 hours long. Most weeks they will have a mailbag on Saturday when fans will send in letters (sometimes with drawings from kids who watch :) love those) and gifts, though recently they have...
  17. Desertmouse

    2 Weeks Away From The Boys?

    I second the idea of having a teen over. I would go so far as to ask a trusted teen or a teen of a trusted friend to housesit for you while you are gone. Last time my family went on a trip back when we were all living together my younger brother’s friend came over and stayed in the house while...
  18. Desertmouse

    Whiny Bengal

    Hmm...well I have three suggestions given what you said. The first would be to add more cat shelves to the room he’s in when you’re away. By this I mean something along of the lines of making a cat road of sorts along the top of the room, kind of like giving him a race track up high. I know...
  19. Desertmouse

    Therapy Cats

    Thank you! I will try that!
  20. Desertmouse

    Therapy Cats

    That is so sweet! And really such a good idea. This case is a little different. This is more of a normal home in the suburbs, a 5 bedroom house that is like one of three models that is built in the sub division. Before moving to AZ I didn’t even know this was a thing, but there are a lot here...