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  1. sweetblackpaws

    Cat Won't Cover Poop!!!

    I have 3 cats in an apartment. For the past few weeks, one won't cover her poop. It is a serious problem, as the smell is unbearable. I am not home 24/7 to cover it up. I wouldn't mind buying a Littermaid, but my cats are far too large for it. Her poo looks normal and there have been...
  2. sweetblackpaws

    My Little Girl Just Got Diagnosed With Hyperthyroidsm..

    I just wondered how your cats have tolerated the medicine for this? I trust my vet and I am very glad we now know the reason for her weight loss. I just hope she can tolerate the pills. She is young - only about 8.5 years old.
  3. sweetblackpaws

    Cat Attract Or Outdoors Litter For Feral?

    My feral will be back inside soon (hopefully) and while I had her litter box trained at one time, she has been outdoors and may not remember once back inside. So....should I stock up on Cat Attract or the Touch of Outdoors litter to get her reacclimated? The Outdoors stuff is cheaper, but I...
  4. sweetblackpaws

    Blood In Stool, But Doesn't Seem Sick?

    My sweet girl of 8 years had blood in her stool - sort of bright, not dark red. I had been seeing this for a few days, but with 3 cats, I wasn't sure who it was. Her stool was on the runnier side, but not so much that I would call it diahreah. I sometimes wipe her butt because she is...
  5. sweetblackpaws

    Cat Won't Walk Across New Area Rug....???

    I just received my new rug that is shag style, thick and soft since I have balance issues and worry about falling. One of my cats won't walk on it. Is this normal? I love the rug and not even sure I can return it even if I wanted to. It is polypropylene, but very soft. I know natural...
  6. sweetblackpaws

    How Did You Get Your Feral To Be Touched Once Indoors And How Long?

    I know it has only been 2 months (although, I had fed her outside for nearly a year), but I wish so much I could pet her. She will eat treats near my hand, so that is good, but if I try to pet her she cringes. Today, I guess I got too close and she clawed at me. I feel badly I scared her...
  7. sweetblackpaws

    Dispensers Vs. Food Bowls?

    I have 4 cats and use dispensers since I live alone, in case of emergency, etc. They are not timed, just the manual kind. Sometimes food gets "stuck" and I need to shake them. :fish: Should I get large bowls instead and place them in different areas? I thought I had to go to ER the...
  8. sweetblackpaws

    Cat Litter On A Budget - 4 Cats, Jumbo Boxes!!

    Please any suggestions for cat litter on a budget with 4 FAT cats that use JUMBO BOXES (I'm talking 10.5 - 19 pound cats). One of them has occasional bouts of asthma so I have been doing well with Dr. Elsey Respiratory Relief, but I see it has now gone up to more than $ 14.00 for the 20 lb...
  9. sweetblackpaws

    What Is Wrong With My Cat???

    My girl of 8 years started acting weird several days ago, hiding under the bed and "hammoking" under there. She would not eat unless I put food under the bed. I do not know why she was hiding (no changes in the house and I live alone). One day, she ran out and was hyperventilating. I...
  10. sweetblackpaws

    Can't Tame Feral...i Am Near Tears...need Advice

    Some of you are familiar with the feral I have been feeding for several months and trying to tame because I am moving in a few months. I probably will have to break my lease due to the "element" that is moving in and the noise levels, etc. I wanted to bring my feral with me (I also have other...
  11. sweetblackpaws

    Cat Won't Come Out From Under The Bed

    My sweet girl that I have had for 8 years has been "hammocking" under the bed for days and won't come out. She does not seem sick, as she will scarf down food if I put it near her. She also purrs when I reach under the bed to pet her. Should I wait it out a few more days? There have...
  12. sweetblackpaws

    Finally Trapped My Feral - Then Let Her Go! Should I Re-trap?

    I have been feeding a feral cat for several months and trapped her to bring her inside since I will be moving this summer (I feel she is dependent on me at this point). After only a few minutes in the trap, I freaked out and let her go because my heart was breaking as she yowled and threw...
  13. sweetblackpaws

    Cat Supplies And Budgeting....

    I am spending a lot on supplies each month (around $ 200.00, sometimes more). I have 3 cats (about to take in a 4th as soon as I can catch her) and four litter boxes. One makes crystals so he has to be on prescription food. The others get Fancy Feast and the feral gets Friskies. I also...
  14. sweetblackpaws

    Bring Feral With Me Or Leave Behind?

    I have been feeding a feral for about 3 months and I will be moving out of state in a few months. Should I trap her and keep her or leave her behind? She is a true feral - I cannot get more than a few feet from her, but she shows up for food twice a day. I live alone with three other cats...
  15. sweetblackpaws

    Anyone had issues with stricture after PU surgery?

    Hi there, new here... My little guy had PU surgery about 2 months ago.    He is urinating very small amounts and constantly jumps from litter box to litter box.   He has been on Prazosin (for spasms) and anitbiotics (for infection) and I have tried various litters.   I have 3 cats and 4 boxes...