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    Prevent Cats from Jumping Over Baby Gate

    Hello~ I own two cats and ended up bringing home two more due to circumstances. I have a baby gate setup on my second floor landing so the cats can't venture downstairs and run through the front door to never come back. My cats have never attempted to jump over the gate and too big to squeeze...
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    New Cats Not Getting Along with Resident Cats

    Hello, Due to unavoidable circumstances I brought home 2 cats my mom was taking care of (1.5 years old). They are male and female. I already have 2 cats of my own (1 year old). Also, male and female. Knowing my cats I let the cats loose and there was a bit of hissing and growling from my mom's...
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    Two Kittens Spayed /neutered Together

    I adopted two 2 month old kittens and they were fixed together two days ago. For the first 24 hours, they were pretty calm and slept all day. However, I think all the medicine wore off and they’re back to being active again. I don’t mind them running around and playing as long as they’re not...
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    Relocation Help

    I'm relocating to a new city for my new job and planning on taking my two kittens with me. My roommate in the new city has a cat of her own who is actually littermate with my kittens. However, the one time we tried reintroducing them to each other her kitten was hissing and hid under the drawers...
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    Separating Kittens For Revolution Flea Treatment

    Hello~ Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes. A month ago I adopted two kittens that are now 4 months old. During my last checkup, I was advised to treat them with flea treatment year round since we don't have constant winter where I live. So the question is, I was...