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    What clipper is best to get rid of matted hair?

    I have this one but the matted hair is so strong that it doesn't seem to do anything except remove a very small amount of fur.
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    Anybody had this problem with Fresh Step litter? (not clumping well on edges and corners)

    If my cat pees on the corner, instead of clumping into easily scoopable clumps, it sticks to the litter box into clay like substance and it's very hard to get it off, I have to pick at it multiple times to scrape it off.
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    Fresh Step Litter smells strongly like detergent

    It smells like toxic chemical I'm worried about my cat's health, though it's good that it prevents odor very well. Should I start using the cheap Tractor Supply pine pellets instead? (Tractor Supply Pine Pellet Stall Bedding, 40 lb. at Tractor Supply Co.)
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    How much do you spend monthy on your cat for litter and food?

    Which litter and food do you buy?
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    soapy water concerns (trying to install UV film on windows)

    This is the direction to installing UV films. It says to put the UV film on a table and then spray it with soapy water. It says dishwasher soap. Another video I watched said baby shampoo would work as well, I think. However I'm not sure if I can put that on the table, as I have a lot of things...
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    Could the smell of ethyl alcohol in hand sanitizer make cat sick?

    Could it make them vomit? What about the smell of scented trash bags (I found the chemical scent to be too strong, so I thought it may induce vomit for a cat)? What about the smell of smoke from burning fish (for example cooked in the oven)? Can all these things make cat vomit?
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    What would be the best way to get rid of some poo stuck on fur on cat's butt?

    I was thinking of cutting it with scissors but it seems dangerous and also putting it in a basin and using cat shampoo, but I'm not sure if she will stay put.
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    What's best way to get rid of Lysol on carpet?

    I sprayed some Lysol, not knowing it's bad for the cat, and I'm trying to get rid of the Lysol. I rubbed wet tissue into the carpet but it didn't work, I rubbed wet towel with a little soap (Irish Spring) on it too. Is there a better way?
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    Trash can to put cat doo bags

    I was thinking buying a trash can with a lid so that the smell doesn't come out. Currently, after scooping the doo and pee clumps into a bag, I immediately go out and put it in the dumpster, which isn't too far but far enough that I would save a trip if I can. (I live in an apartment complex)...
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    Is activated charcoal better?

    I saw activated charcoal at the store and thought maybe that might be a better solution to trapping odor than the Feline pine clumping litter I've been using.
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    Hooded litter box for 15 lb cat?

    I'm looking into hooded litter box to trap tho odor. Is there a big enough one for 15 lb cat?