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  1. CaseysMom

    Happy Birthday, Tiny Dancer!

    Happy birthday to this very spoiled, very loved princess! :party: She is 2 today, but acting like a kitten again since Spring Fever hit!! :runningcat::dizzycat:She wouldn’t let me take a selfie with her, and seemed offended that I wanted to be in the picture.
  2. CaseysMom

    Am I being cruel?

    Nope, you're not. You need sleep to function and be healthy. I have always slept separately from my cats for this reason. As long as they have everything they need in the room they spend the night in, they will be fine. As the kitten matures, you may be able to give him/her run of the house...
  3. CaseysMom

    opinions on purina pro plan?

    Tiny Dancer has been on PPP since I adopted her from the vet as a kitten. I just kept her on it because that was what they were feeding her. She loves it!! She lets me know when her bowl gets even close to empty. LOL. I also give her half a can of Fancy Feast at night so that she gets some...
  4. CaseysMom

    Goofy. April 30, 2008-January 8, 2024

    iPappy, I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Goofy. He was so incredibly beautiful! He was the perfect black panther cat. I especially love the pictures of him as a kitten with the corn cob. :hearthrob: Please know that you did absolutely everything you could to make his life and his...
  5. CaseysMom

    Is There Any Point To Brushing A Shorthair?

    I agree with everyone that says shorthairs can be big shedders! Tiny Dancer certainly is! In addition, she has finally learned to really LOVE being brushed, now that she has calmed down a little bit since her kitten hood. So, it is a major bonding experience for us. Every Saturday morning...
  6. CaseysMom

    Conflicting mesages

    Aww, bless your heart for caring so much about her and trying to make her a part of your home. :rbheart: Personally, I would be afraid to risk bringing her inside with my other cats if it didn't go well the first time. You have to think about them first. It sounds like she wants to be near...
  7. CaseysMom

    Can I get some parakeets?

    I would be very careful. When I was in my 20's, I worked at a pet store, and I had one or two of everything in a one bedroom apartment. LOL. I had two parakeets and a dog and a cat. They couldn't get to the cage, but the problem was that parakeets, and other birds, like to be let out of...
  8. CaseysMom

    How do people have tons of cats that’s get along in one home?

    Do you think there's a certain age "past" where it becomes harder to introduce a new cat? Just wondering, because Tiny is approaching a year old, and I wonder if I'm missing the window to "easily" get her a sibling. Honestly though, I mostly lean toward having an only cat. She seems very...
  9. CaseysMom

    Cat Loves to Eat - Controling his Weight

    Thank you for posting this, as I have a 10 month old female kitten who is eating me out of house and home, and I was wondering if this was normal too! She seems recently to have started eating and playing more, and I wondered if she might be having a growth spurt. It sounds like both of our...
  10. CaseysMom

    I Said No to Worming and I Was Right

    Good for you!!
  11. CaseysMom

    Cost of Euthanasia

    I am so sorry you are facing this decision. This seems outrageously high. I had my Casey put down last summer and it was $140.
  12. CaseysMom

    Emotional support cat!

    I've never had an official ESA, but the three cats I have owned since I was an adult have helped me immensely with my depression, anxiety, and loneliness. My female cats were never "cuddly" in the sense of liking to sit in my lap or let me hold them. But sometimes just watching them chase a...
  13. CaseysMom

    Safe cleaning products?

    Another vote for non-toxic, homemade cleaners with vinegar, water, soap, etc. I started this years ago because I have my own allergies and chemical sensitivities.
  14. CaseysMom

    Cat Carriers

    I have an "OG" cat carrier that is mostly like a crate that has a door that opens in the front. You can take the whole top off if necessary, but it's a PITA because there are so many screws. LOL. My vet says she recommends this type though because they are much safer in a car in the event of an...
  15. CaseysMom

    need advice; am i giving up on my cat too soon?

    I just went through this this past summer with my 15 yo beloved Casey. I found this site then, and am so grateful. My heart goes out to you, because I know what you are going through. I agree that you know your cat best and do not want her to suffer. She has had an amazingly long and...
  16. CaseysMom

    Help! I'm overwhelmed with my 4 month old kitten.

    It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong and it sounds like he is a perfectly normal kitten! :). They are really just bundles of endless energy at this age. I have a 9mo old kitten, and she has just started to calm down a little bit. They do go from laying on you and sleeping a lot...
  17. CaseysMom

    Wondering about a Christmas tree this year with 7 rescues

    Yep, I just gave up on having one with just ONE crazy kitten! :lol:
  18. CaseysMom

    new kitten

    Can you keep him in a safe room at night so he doesn't have access to the counters? I still keep my 8 mo old kitten in her safe room at night where there is nothing that can hurt her. It also helps her know it is time to settle down and go to sleep. She gets a 15-20 minute play session right...
  19. CaseysMom

    Can anyone recommend a good chew toy for a cat?

    Yes, please do cover those cords! I thought I might be going overboard covering Every.Stinking.Electrical.Cord. in my house with plastic tubing before I let Tiny out of her safe room, but I'm so glad I did, because she is a chewer too. She loves my drawstring pants too! :lol: It's not...
  20. CaseysMom

    New kitten

    Once I had my house kitten proof (mostly covering ALL electrical cords with plastic tubing), I let Tiny have roam of the house after about a week. She was about 4 months old, and I have a split level house as well. I still keep my office door closed, because there are way too many wires to...