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  1. Timmer

    adopted a cat from a hoarding situation

    I'm just happy to see them eat. Fiona has now switched to eating canned and she will snack on dry but I don't leave much out because my second cat gobbles whatever is out there.
  2. Timmer

    Blood in stool - two vets with differing plans-- looking for advice!

    I had this happen to a male cat I had and he had colitis and then we discovered a few weeks later after testing that he had IBD. Our vet never even talked to me about food. He was given metronizadol and then later on prednisone.
  3. Timmer

    adopted a cat from a hoarding situation

    Thanks for all the recent replies! I forgot I even posted this. It's been 10 months since I adopted them and Fiona unfortunately has IBS. So, that's another thing I'm dealing with. I did manage to get her switched over totally to wet food. I did a food trial over the summer with rabbit and...
  4. Timmer

    Did I Make a Mistake?

    You did the right thing by going. I think of it this way - if this were a human child, would we even be worried about what the other doctor thought? We are entrusted with these little lives to care for, and it sounds to me like you are doing a wonderful job of it, so hang in there.
  5. Timmer

    Best wet foods without thickeners for IBD cat?

    Thanks. I will look into the Optagest. I tried another probiotic for her and it made her sick. She usually eats small amounts. She came from a hoarding situation and I believe she never got regular feedings. She likes to graze. She won't eat regular meals like the other cat. At this...
  6. Timmer

    Fancy Feast Problems

    That is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Timmer

    Best wet foods without thickeners for IBD cat?

    I really don't have anything to add to what others have already said. I just wanted to chime in that I'm going through pretty much what you are going through and I understand your frustration. You hope things work and they do for awhile and then it's back to vomiting. I finally started...
  8. Timmer

    Supplement Advice Needed

    I don't agree with the vet tech. Your cat should be getting all the vitamins needed from the food. What does the vomit look like? Foamy white? Is there dry food in it?
  9. Timmer

    Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Food Has Changed Formula's

    I was giving that to my cats and noticed the bag changed but I didn't notice the ingredient change. I give my cats like only a little bit a day. Not even quarter cup. It seems to still work OK for us, so maybe feed less or mix it with non gastro?
  10. Timmer

    8 month old with IBD

    My girl is currently on a food trial and eating only the Royal Canin PR rabbit food. It's been three weeks now and I don't think it's helping, on the other hand, our vet said it would be a good 6 weeks to notice a real change. Yes, she was wheezing prior to this and this food did make her...
  11. Timmer

    What is everyone's opinion on prescription food?

    I have never heard of giving D Mannose to a cat but I reckon if there are articles on it, you could. I personally take it for my own UTIs and it causes the e.coli bacteria that can be in your bladder to not stick to the walls of the bladder or stay in the bladder.
  12. Timmer

    Cat has dark spots on nails. Is this fungus or dirt? Should I be concerned?

    My cats have had these. It's part of their skin I believe. Next time you go to the vet mention it and ask, or see what others say on here.
  13. Timmer


    I started to order the Jarrow but it's really for humans and I'm too scared to try it, so I got some kind of Dr. Mercola brand.
  14. Timmer


    I'm looking at getting the Jarrow brand of probiotic which contains the saccharomyces. Is that the brand you are using?
  15. Timmer

    IBD food choice

    I'm really open to all options but I just don't know what to do. I'm afraid the canned food the vet is offering has other junk in it. I'm also wondering if she really does have food allergies. She vomits up fish so that's out but she occassionally vomits up her food and it's mostly water...
  16. Timmer

    IBD food choice

    I just had a discussion with our vet about two hours ago about the novel protein diets for my girl who most likely has IBD. I brought up Instinct foods, because she currently eats the chicken and likes it, and he said the problem is that though it may say rabbit on the label, it also has pork...
  17. Timmer

    Cat Foods Without Gums, Bha, Carrageenan, Etc

    I have found a food recently called Reveal at Petsmart. The fish in particular are nothing but fish and broth. I think there is a chicken that has nothing but broth and meat but I also looked at one can of some chicken and it did have gum in it.
  18. Timmer

    High Fiber Options (FOR DIARRHEA)? Hills Biome Alternatives?

    I've used either psyllium husk or a Hills gastrointestinal food the vet has to order for me. I use it as a treat, not a meal, or else the cat will have loose stool.
  19. Timmer

    Experience with unusually hyper, boisterous cat?

    I feel your pain. Because of Covid, when I got my 2 I wasn't allowed to interact with them at the shelter. When I went to get them and we went over the histories, both had issues. What is always so vague with these shelters is whether the cats get along with other cats. I guess if the person...
  20. Timmer

    Experience with unusually hyper, boisterous cat?

    Anne, you are being so brave right now and so kind and caring. I don't know if it helps but I'm going through the same thing with my cat Razzle who is very aggressive. I got her and Fiona at the same time. It's not working out but I will hang in there for a bit longer. I mean, it was working...