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  1. akirababe

    I Need Help; I'm Totally Overwhelmed

    Thanks for all the support and advice, everyone. @bruce: I definitely haven't let it stop me loving them :) They're the best part of what I do, and I don't personally care if I get the rash. I have full coverage for my meds so it wouldn't cost me a dime to get a human-friendly antifungal. I...
  2. akirababe

    I Never Thought I Would Get So Excited About Poop!!

    I meant to add; personally I've settled on a Canadian food brand called Nutrition First by President's choice. The kitten food is unfortunately not grain free, so when I have kittens I switch to Blue Buffalo Wilderness brand. Although, to be honest, I've never considered that they might not...
  3. akirababe

    I Never Thought I Would Get So Excited About Poop!!

    Have you tried some of the training methods out there for getting a stubborn cat to eat wet food? I know you've tried a lot of different types of food, so it's more likely than not the texture that throws him off. My boyfriend's cat has been having crystals in her bladder and they had to...
  4. akirababe

    Cat Stopped Eating, Severe Weight Loss, Help!

    I wholeheartedly support getting another vet's opinion. It hurts my heart to think that your vet's first suggestion is euthanasia. Or maybe it isn't, but it still seems like maybe that option got jumped to a little too quickly... Definitely get a second opinion if this vet isn't willing to...
  5. akirababe

    I Need Help; I'm Totally Overwhelmed

    *DISCLAIMER* I breed cats. I understand many people believe in "adopt, don't shop" but I ask that you please keep those opinions out of this particular thread <3 (Thanks!) So first and foremost, a little background on my situation: I have chronic pain and mood disorders including MDD/BPD/GAD...
  6. akirababe

    Question About Ringworm

    I would definitely suggest listening to what your vet said. I'm sure she has seen it enough times to know what treatment works... and doctors of all kinds do tend to suggest more than is strictly necessary in every situation, but that's often a failsafe in case your particular case is more...
  7. akirababe

    How Am I Supposed To Go On Without Her Precious Face?

    I know what you mean, Meela. So many hurting people. So many wishes for and from all of them. I wish I'd been better off financially so that money was no concern. I wish I could have told the vet, "Do whatever it takes." My soul hurts so deeply. My girl was the only living creature in this...
  8. akirababe

    Post pics of your babies that have passed so everyone can see their cute lil faces

    I feel so broken... I just got home a little while ago from the vet's where I held my baby girl as she died. She was everything to me. Everyone says you move on, but she was my life... She was the reason I kept going on every time I contemplated ending it. I feel so lost. So empty. I'll...
  9. akirababe

    How Am I Supposed To Go On Without Her Precious Face?

    Friday night, she was playing with the laser pointer... She was 5 weeks pregnant and happy as could be... She'd come and cuddle me on my desk while I played games and watched shows. Then Saturday she was sleeping in the box I'd made up for her and the kittens under my desk... all day. I got...
  10. akirababe

    Swollen foot in a newborn kitten

    Hey guys! I thought I'd update you all.  The kitten is doing fantastic :)  I went to the vet and she checked it out and there was no necrosis in the foot or tail.  She suggested I stay away from cold compresses because the kitten was so small and we didn't want her getting too cold, but she did...
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  14. akirababe

    Swollen foot in a newborn kitten

    Thanks for so many quick responses!  I called my vet's office and of course they weren't willing to offer suggestions over the phone, because they need to see the foot if there's blood flow, etc etc.   I have an appointment for Monday although when I was getting a photo of the kitten's foot,the...
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  16. akirababe

    Comment by 'akirababe' in article 'Choosing The Right Food For Your Cat - Part 2'

    I have one thing to add to this that I think should be well noted!  I had a discussion with my brother about cat/dog foods when he was first getting a pet and we did some searching online (of course, I can't find the same info right now, blaming the wee hours) but we found out that the term used...
  17. Swollen foot in a newborn kitten

    Swollen foot in a newborn kitten

  18. akirababe

    Swollen foot in a newborn kitten

    I've been reading around online, and I think I've come to determine that the kitten is healing okay, but I just want to know if anyone else has ever encountered this and has good stories to help me with my fears. The backstory: I'm a Munchkin breeder.  I'm registered, and I do it humanely.  I...
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