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  1. biancavd

    Mom Stopped Cleaning Kittens

    Yes - the Netherlands, Europe :)
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    Mom Stopped Cleaning Kittens

    Coccidia is extremely uncommon here, my vet who has 5 clinics never heard of it before in cats in my country when I asked for it last time. Could the problems be related to extreme heat? It has been very hot the last few days and I cant get the room cooler then 25 degrees celcius during the...
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    Mom Stopped Cleaning Kittens

    Coccidia is not common here, and all my cats have been tested on everything 2 months ago. I would be surpriced if anything is wrong :P I will keep an eye on it though. Anyway, we pinpointed the problem to them pooping on their own. Which is remarkable considering their age. A bit early to put...
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    Mom Stopped Cleaning Kittens

    It's yellow and toothpaste like. Should be normal. But as I am getting insecure, I am a bit hessitant. And how often should I stimulate if I do it myself? And any tips on how to do this properly without making a mess myself?
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    Mom Stopped Cleaning Kittens

    I have had many litters before, and up until 2 days never really had any major issues. But as what is going on now has me very confused, I hope some of you can help me. We have a litter of 2.5 weeks old, and one of 4 weeks old. They were seperated. The mom of the 2 week old litter stopped...
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    Expected Kitten Colour??

    What lutece said. I have 2 parents both with white, but 2 of her kittens surely are without ;)
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    I can't tell if my kitten will be longhaired

    He seems older than 2.5 months to me. But as said above, the tail will most likely tell at this point.
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    How Would You Describe My Cat?

    Red Tabby Mackerel. I can't tell for sure if he will be long haired, because the fur of little kittens can play tricks on us; but it does look like he will be. At least semi-long. Give him a cuddle from me!
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    Cats First Heating And First Labor

    You said you cut the cord while the afterbirth was still inside. Can you confirm it came out after with the next kitten? Cutting it prematurely can cause issues of it not coming out properly. If any bit is left inside, it can cause major dangerous issues for mom.
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    Kittens Will Be Gone In Just Over A Week, How Do I Prepare Mom?

    Don't worry, they get over it really quickly. She is probably not understanding why they aren't coming and is calling them to come eat. From my experience, some take a day or 2, others don't miss them at all. Just give her some extra cuddles and playtime, she will be okay ;) And I always spoil...
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    Q About Breeding Cats

    Welcome Lahni, always nice to meet a fellow Siberian Breeder :) I am from the Netherlands, so unfamiliar with EIN. I think you need #1 though, as you are an individual and will run the cattery on your own. Breeders in Russia do have a slightly different approach with our breed than people in...
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    4 Week Old Kitten Help?? Am I Being Paranoid?!

    Not very known by vets, but many breeders including myself have exoerienced extremely ill kittens due to heat in mom and them still drinking her milk. It doesnt always occur, but some females seem to have this effect on their babies due to the hormones released with heat. If she is seemingly...
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    Parasite Testing And Deworming

    I don't agree with that indoor cats can't get worms easily. It happens and isn't as rare as you might think. Especially in a cattery with multiple cats. However, I hate using deworming too often too. Especially in smaller kittens who are still developing their intestines. I personally test and...
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    Congratulations! Stunning Persian cat <3
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    If there is no way she was mated after the 3rd of February, she is way overdue. I personally calculate 65 days from the day a cat was mated (as a breeder, we know the exact date). If I would breed a cat on February 2nd, she would be due around April 8th. So if you are absolutely sure she was...
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    Green House For Stud Enclosure

    He has his own mancave upstairs (our entire attic with windows and different ways to air), but we let him out as much as we can. During the day he can roam the house (we keep girls separate of course, so we switch rooms a lot) and go outside (which he loves) in a save enclosure.
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    What Is My Kittens Color Called?

    Yours is a Black Tabby Classic :)
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    Green House For Stud Enclosure

    I think it will get quite warm inside, and not enough ways for fresh air. Males have a quite obvious odor, you don't want them to sit in that smell all the time. Also, for me, it seems rather small. I made it my number one thing to give my male a lot of space, fresh air, and as much part of the...
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    What Color Coats Will The Kittens Have?

    If you have their pedigrees, I can give you a prediction. It would be nice to know what they are "wearing" underneath.