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  1. cejhome

    Homemade cat food supplement without chicken liver powder?

    Thank you so much! I appreciate it I will order in the next few days - liver powder as well as the supplement. I am waiting to hear back from them (Alnutrin) about which version is best for me to use, considering Buddy's constipation issues.
  2. cejhome

    Homemade cat food supplement without chicken liver powder?

    Hello, I am thinking of trying homemade cat food for our cat, Buddy. Many years ago we had a cat with multiple allergies (chicken, fish and all the derivatives of these two) and stomatitis. I fed her homemade raw. I added her supplements individually, as we couldn't eve do egg shell powder...
  3. cejhome

    Is there a liquid treat that does not contain fish or chicken (possible allergens)?

    Unless something new has come on the market, I couldn't find anything last year that didn't have either or both of those ingredients. Our cat, Buddy is allergic to Chicken and at the time we thought he also might have a fish allergy. I think we are safe that his food allergy is just chicken...
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    Trying to decide between a cat sitter and Board and care

    I used to be a pet sitter. Ask your vet for any recommendations for a good pet sitter. Make sure they have professional pet sitting insurance (get proof). If they have employees, make sure they are bonded. If I understand Rover, correctly (the problem with Rover, is that it is a sort of...
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    Flaxseed causes cyanide in food - what are these food manufacturing companies doing?!

    I feed our Buddy Lotus Just Juicy Venison and Pork (as well as other non-Lotus canned foods in rotation). There is no flax seed listed in the ingredients on the cans or on their website at least for these two varieties. They may have used flax seed at some point in the past, but there isn't...
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    Black residue on new stainless steel cat bowls / constipation issues

    You can pick up cheap Corelle and Pyrex as yard sales or estate sales. That's how I got a lot of my cat dishes!
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    Find the culprit or take them all in?

    I remember a long time ago we had a kitty that was having tummy issues. Vet said vomit that looked like coffee grounds was dried blood. Here is a clip from a google search: If the vomit blood is dark and resembles coffee grounds, it's most likely an issue in the digestive tract. Keep watch...
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    Tiki Cats Dark Venison and Beef Liver Wet Food

    FYI - I used to feed this in rotation to Buddy - he is allergic to chicken. They discontinued it a good while back, but I am still working off the stock I have. I just noticed they are making it again! It is on their website. I ordered some from Amazon to see if its still good. I am afraid...
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    Opinions on having plants around

    I have a few houseplants - ones that are not toxic. They are where Buddy can't get to them, but if somehow he was able to, they wouldn't hurt him (Christmas cactus, orchids and a bromeliad). The rest of my houseplants are in the upstairs shower stall - glass door and open at the top. They...
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    Cat Anxiety & Moving across states

    If you can use Gabapentin, you will need to test it out well beforehand, to make sure the dosage prescribed will work for your kitty. Try and get or borrow one of those metal crates, not a cat carrier. One that is big enough for a small bed and litter box. Make sure that the crate will not...
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    Cat Anxiety & Moving across states

    Gabapentin, is great for this, as long as there aren't any health issues or other medicines that would make Gabapentin not possible. We had a cat (Nilla) who stressed at car rides, leaving the house, fireworks, thunderstorms. Car rides and vet visits was the worse. I guess because she couldn't...
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    Adopted cat less playful more cuddly after a month

    Hello, same thing with our cat, Buddy. We adopted him about 1.5 years ago - he was estimated to be a little over 2 years old at that time. All he wanted to do for a good while was play, play, play, then eat, then cuddle. I think once he got all that pent up play worked out of his system and...
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    Bladder stone surgery

    Our previous kitty, Nilla had to have surgery for calcium oxalate stones. It went well. I can't remember much - its been quite a while. She had two type of surgery closures - dissolvable stitches and surgical glue. We kept her in a small spare bedroom for recovery. I made sure there was...
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    Post tooth extraction opinion please

    Update! I took Buddy to see the dental specialist at our vet's practice today. He was still doing the thing like a person with food stuck in their teeth would do if they couldn't pick at it with their hands. Everything else in his behavior and actions was and is 100% normal. She is great -...
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    If she won't eat the pate, try watering it down a bit into almost a soup. Or try baby food - one with no added anything - chicken or beef, not ham (salt). I think they still make that. Baby food is definitely not a balanced cat diet, but will work for a short time. The vet should be able to...
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    We had a kitty quite a few years ago that had Stomatitis. We adopted Puddin when she was approx 10 years old. We had to take her to the vet the next day, once we really saw how sick she was - liquid poop. Got that sorted out - figured out a raw diet was the only thing she could tolerate. Then...
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    Food with chunks (not shreds) in gravy/stew recommendations

    Our cat loves Lotus Just Juicy Stews. He has food allergies, so he gets the venison and the pork. I have to mail order it - Chewy and Amazon carry it. I have had issues with damaged cans from Amazon (they do refund with no issue, but it's a hassle). So far no problems with Chewy. Chunks of...
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    FHV - Max,Multicat menace?

    I had an air purifier in the past, but I honestly didn't see any difference. I think I do better by vacuuming with a vac that has a Hepa filter, and doing it often, dusting and washing and changing the bedding once a week. We have a screen porch, and when the weather is good (which is most of...
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    FHV - Max,Multicat menace?

    I use Method free & clear, but its not available at a lot of grocery stores. I think Target may carry it. I have to buy mine from Amazon. I do not use fabric softener sheets. I use Attitude Static Eliminator and Fabric Softener, Reusable Dryer Clothes to help with static when drying. They...
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    Post tooth extraction opinion please

    Thanks I appreciate that. It also might be the getting used to not having those 5 teeth. I forgot about that! I like our vet a lot, but calling them will just result in them saying "we can take a look if you would like, just bring him in". Since his behavior and everything is great, I will...