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  1. Babypaws

    Safest flea treatment for young cat

    My cats are weight at least 12 pounds and more. When I looked up cheristin it said it lasts for 6 weeks but then it also said to apply every 30 days. i read in order to kill fleas treatments need to contain pyriproxyfen or methoprene…it looked like cheristin didnt have either of them listed….i...
  2. Babypaws

    Dr. Elsey's Formula Change

    Do you mean “first mate”.
  3. Babypaws

    Food dilemma

    Hope this is in the right forum… My cats will only eat Friskies wet food (mainly Turkey and beef,shreds) plus the Friskies dry food..But the latest cans I purchased the shredded beef cans look a lot lighter in color and most of my cats really don’t like it. I think I read or heard somewhere the...
  4. Babypaws

    How often?

    Please don’t declaw any cat….i rescued a cat about 10 years ago (indoor cat) who’s previous owners had her declawed. When she jumped down from some where she would cry, this occurred for quite awhile until her paws healed.Plus very difficult when they used a littler box, would need something...
  5. Babypaws

    Magic trick to get cats to drink water...

    Great idea about putting few temptation treats in hot water to get kitties to drink. Sometimes when a cat doesn’t seem to eat I’ve crushed a few temptations and sprinkle on top of wet good. I don’t know what they put in there that makes them so appealing to cats. They go crazy when they hear...
  6. Babypaws

    Will Friskies wet food give a cat crystals?

    I personally don’t know if Friskies will give cats crystals but I’m in the same boat as you are. I have multi cats who will only eat wet Friskies and dry Friskies…I tried the same thing, bought several different brands of better quality wet food but they refused it. I tried to mix a small amount...
  7. Babypaws

    What's your process for cat litter?

    I do the same as Neely…I have multi-cat house so I scoop twice a day and use the plastic grocery bags….although a lot of stores in my area have done away with plastic bags but I have a friend who saves some for me. If I run out I actually use bread bags….i average a bag a day! When full, I tie...
  8. Babypaws

    Ziwipeak moist food - Anyone has had issues with it ?

    I’m so, so sorry for your loss. Our pets are family and I feel for you, been there several times. May he rest in peace. My prayers go out to you and your little one. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😢
  9. Babypaws

    cat only eating dry food

    I have a few cats that strictly want “dry” instead of wet food so what I do is crush up some dry food and mix it on top of the wet food…. ive also tried a few times to break up a few of the “ temptations” cat treats and sprinkle on top of wet food to get them started. idk what they put in those...
  10. Babypaws

    Preparation If Cat's Outlive You

    Wow, i See I’m not the only one who worries about their furry family. I‘m in my late 70’s and have 11 babies to care for. I use to have 13 at onetime but sadly lost 2 of them. I have often thought what would happen to them if something happens to me…I have 3 kids and I’m not sure if they would...
  11. Babypaws

    Celery Pets Lollipop Cat Treats?

    Food from China? Nope, I wouldn’t knowingly give my pets food from there!
  12. Babypaws

    Food recommendations, possible chicken allergy?

    😢😢 it breaks your heart when we lose them…they are family, especially the little ones, so young….
  13. Babypaws

    Food recommendations, possible chicken allergy?

    BLESS YOU….🙏🏻Ten out of 11 of my cats were born in our yard…😸 the mother who had 2 litters has 6 of her kitties with her inside and the feral cat has 2 of her kitties with her inside, she had a third one but he was the runt and I guess his organs weren’t completely developed so he got sick and...
  14. Babypaws

    Food recommendations, possible chicken allergy?

    Wow, I can’t really recommend any food because I have issues with my 11 cats. They only seem to eat Friskies wet food which is not great and I’ve noticed even on the label if they have turkey or beef when you look in the ingredients they sneak in chicken among other things that cats don’t really...
  15. Babypaws

    Male cat very fussy eater. Need tips!

    The things we do for our precious kitties.. I think they all have us wrapped around Their paws (fingers). Lol i find if you let them do something once they expect it all the time, doesn’t take them long to get in a habit. 😸
  16. Babypaws

    Limited Ingredient Wet food

    This is made with black soldier fly larvae. Yuk… I would never feed my cats that…😲
  17. Babypaws

    Ciao Churu

    What is ciao churu?
  18. Babypaws

    Shaved Cat Won’t Stop Licking

    I fully agree…picture looks like they really shaved very close to her skin..poor thing. has anyone shaved their legs and then got the burning feeling? This is probably what the cat is feeling. I disagree that because somebody takes them to a vet for whatever reason that they know what they’re...
  19. Babypaws

    Camera to detect movement for enclosed outside deck

    How many cats do you have that go out on the deck? Maybe you could start counting them when they come in…lol Or Does it have one of those cat doors that allows them to go in and out on their own?
  20. Babypaws

    Merrick perrfect bistro soirees

    I don’t understand why companies label their dry food “weight control” but when I look them up on it shows food has more carbs and less protein.. I had looked up Merri k foods, mainly to check out the dry and that’s when I saw their “weight control” dry…Im not singling out this...