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  1. solomonar

    I have tried everything, any ideas?

    I fully empathize with you, because my tomcat started to yowl few months ago, disturbing our sleep. We are still looking for a solution, besides the one of neutering him, which I agree to do, but I do not think that it is the only cause. === - Look into health problems first. - Then...
  2. solomonar

    Neutering at age 6 tomcat - risks?

    Thank you all for helping! === Indeed, his behavior changed a couple of months ago, when she started to eat only night time and only canned food. He used to be quite silent during night time, only one yowl or two. Now he vocalizes much more. Everybody tells me that he perhaps feels female...
  3. solomonar

    I need help

    a) Keep the cat hydrated, fresh and clean water. Make sure the cat drinks, if not change the bowl to have sufficient room for the whiskers - large bowl. Some cats prefer narrow bowl, like coffee cups or wine glasses. b) Place the cat in warm places, as warm as possible, but not exaggerated...
  4. solomonar

    Cat seems thinner but gained weight?

    The way I weight my cat is to weight myself with him and then without him. on a regular bathroom scale. It is much more precise than weighting him directly, because the scale sensors (even those of a scale for babies) may not be suitable for a moving cat :-)
  5. solomonar

    Cat seems thinner but gained weight?

    I saw something similar to my 6 years old tomcat (integer). In fact, he eats almost 200 g of wet food per day, but he eats only during nighttime. When he used to eat dry food, he eat far less. Conclusion : it very much depends on the calories per serving. So eating "more" or "less" is...
  6. solomonar

    Neutering at age 6 tomcat - risks?

    Dear cat lovers, after 6 years of keeping my tomcat integer, I decided to neuter him. The reasons why I did not o this to him by now: - I see no medical reason to do it (suppositions is not science) - to avoid risk of obesity and diabetes - there was no risk of mating, since he is indoor only...
  7. solomonar

    Such sadness

    Keep on daily routine and look forward. Keep yourself busy on doing what you want to do. Hard work. Offer yourself an objective - i.e. charity. Somebody needs you - either a person or an animal. So be strong and look for that person or animal, Do not bother with deep waters of life - God will...
  8. solomonar

    Preventing rat infestation of my colony's cat houses?

    Colonies are amazing! One friend of mine told me a story about a feral (!?) cat who patiently waits for humans at the entrance of the condominium and (you wont believe that!) takes the elevator with them to reach the 9th floor, where somebody feed her (is a "she"). Then, somehow, she manages...
  9. solomonar

    Preventing rat infestation of my colony's cat houses?

    @fionasmom Thank you! Unfortunately, I dont have experience with feral cats, although I know all the colonies in the surroundings and feed them occasionally. I do not want to harm them. From my window I can see the journeys of the cats in the backyard of the condominium. It is fascinating! It...
  10. solomonar

    Preventing rat infestation of my colony's cat houses?

    I apologies for somehow hacking this thread, with a similar (though not identical) subject. The reason is I assume it is easier for interested people to find info in the same thread than digging into piles of threads. === I feed a colony leaving in the backyard of my condominium every now and...
  11. solomonar

    Just asking for prayers for my Blackie my feral who passed a month ago. I'm very worried I won't be able to keep up the grief.

    @movinintime No doubt, the end of life bothers all human beings. Everything that begins must end and at a certain moment we shall say Good by! to our host - this Earth. That is something difficult to accept in serenity for human beings. All creatures in our life are part of our reality and...
  12. solomonar

    RIP, my little Q Sept 17, 2001-December 17, 2021

    Lets say you leave your warm and friendly home to visit a dear friend. You spend one evening with your friends, and it is a nice time. But late in night you remember your warm home, say Goodbye! and leave your friends, to get back to your beloved fireside. We all - all Creatures, cats and...
  13. solomonar

    Just asking for prayers for my Blackie my feral who passed a month ago. I'm very worried I won't be able to keep up the grief.

    Once upon a time Chui Mother Leopard have struggled to survive his Msitu devastation long enough. The dry weather killed all the game and the Big Male Foreign Leopard killed all her cubs. Nothing was left for her and she curled near a Mti Kavu with no leaf left and no ants, under the sunburn...
  14. solomonar

    New Kitten, Grief, and Wanting Advice

    I am very sorry for your loss. Being together so much time is a gift, not many people have such a furry buddy. Every Creature has a Beginning and an End. === Every cat has a distinct personality, and kittenhood is well different from senior age. Our life perception also changes with the age: we...
  15. solomonar


    Allice went back to her Home-Cloud, after 18 years on Earth with You! At this age, I can only bow in full respect. === Now, imagine you are a cat in a shelter, waiting for the good or for the bad. In that status, every day counts. You followed your heart and this path never goes wrong.
  16. solomonar

    Remembering Ziggy

    You love Ziggy and Ziggy loves you, that is to last for ever.
  17. solomonar

    DoY scratch board in corrugated cardboard?

    @maggie101 Thank you very much for the info! @vince Thank you for the method!
  18. solomonar

    New cat hiding in the ceiling!

    I am glad he is safe now!
  19. solomonar


    Ribbons of red in memory of Happy, serving to ferals this night.
  20. solomonar

    New cat hiding in the ceiling!

    Let some tuna cans open near the drop ceiling and leave the house for one hour or so. In my view, Django ran away from you from the first day, then it might be difficult for him to approach the food when you are in the same room.