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  1. moretoebeansplease

    Can tiny kittens become huge cats¿

    We fostered a litter last year with 2 boys and 2 girls. One boy had these huge paws and we figured he’d be a monster full grown, and he totally is. The other boy was definitely small for his age and we figured he’d stay littler. We still get regular updates as they were adopted by a family...
  2. moretoebeansplease

    What does powdered KMR smell like/how to tell if it’s gone off?

    I am curious too. I’ve never noticed it smelling like anything much. If I remember in the morning I’ll check but if you could describe the smell for us it would maybe help. I hate throwing new things out, but I do agree that you shouldn’t feed it to the wee ones if you think it might be spoiled.
  3. moretoebeansplease

    How old do you think this pregnant stray is?

    I just read this whole thread for the first time and I love this family’s story so much. 🥰 I am so glad everyone is doing well. We took in a Mama and her four babies last autumn and we couldn’t get spay/neuter appointments for them all until spring (thank you COVID! 😏) and she nursed them for...
  4. moretoebeansplease

    Sick kitten. Advice please

    She looks amazing and you did a great job with her! Congratulations on setting her up for what will hopefully be a long and healthy life with her new family 🥳🥰