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  1. angels4mom

    Black Tongue

    Has anyone's cat's tongue ever turned black? Autumn's has. It's not black spots. It's like when we eat a grape lollipop only darker. She gets no people food. Her cat food is dry Merrick.
  2. angels4mom


    Autumn has been on an antibiotic since the day after she had her teeth cleaned on the seventh. In the past few days her stools have been whitish/grey and today she started vomiting. The vet said for me to stop the medication. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. angels4mom

    How much fat?

    I'm feeding my girls canned Friskies pate. Autumn has to eat the Indoor line (no gravy). Holly the regular pate,also no gravy. My question is how much fat, percentage wise should a cat get a day? Regular Friskies pate is around 4-5% a can. The Indoor line is 3%.
  4. angels4mom

    Air conditioner chewing

    It feels kind of strange asking this but it's starting to concern me. One year old Autumn sometimes chews on the front of my window AC. Either where the air goes in or where it comes out. This morning she did it and right afterwards threw up a little. Has anyone else ever had this issue?
  5. angels4mom

    Finicky kitten

    I didn't know if this should be here or under behavior. One year old Autumn couldn't care less about eating canned food anymore and I'm worried. The dry she eats is healthy grain free and she's a good drinker. When she does eat her dry she wants to play with it. I've tried different kinds of...
  6. angels4mom

    Kitten playing with kibbles

    Ok cat parents I need some advice. One year old Autumn prefers to play with her kibbles then eat them. She likes me to toss them then she dashes after it and bats it around. Before anyone says anything I give her 1/4 c grain free dry once a day. Anyway, before I end up with a stash of food under...
  7. angels4mom

    Tummy upset from dental water additive

    I've been putting Oxyfresh pet dental water additive in my girls' water. It has citric acid in it which I'm thinking may be upsetting Autumn's belly. She's not vomiting but she's had less of an appetite since starting it. Has anyone else has this experience with these additives?
  8. angels4mom

    Fish flavored food

    Holly, six years and Autumn, ten months get mostly meat flavored canned food. I did pick up a bunch of cans of fish flavored (salmon and ocean whitefish) which they both love. They only get it about twice a week. The problem is that Autumn is now preferring the fish. She otherwise doesn't eat...
  9. angels4mom

    Autumn pics

    Here are some new pics of nine month old Autumn.
  10. angels4mom


    Please help. My eight month old kitten Autumn chases my six year old cat and bites her. I've never seen blood from it but it hurts Holly. Autumn has lots of toys so it can't be that. My kitten Cocoa used to do it too. I thought it was a boy kitty thing. Any ideas?
  11. angels4mom


    I'm finally nearing the end of giving Autumn and Holly Purina. They love Buju and Ziggie canned and it seems to agree with their tummies. I still want to give them a wide variety and have looked into Sheba. The meat flavored are fish and grain free. Any input on Sheba?
  12. angels4mom

    How much protein?

    How much protein should a 7 month old and 6 year old be getting per meal? They both get canned and I've been planning on switching brands. Some of their foods are around seven percent protein. The Fancy Feast and Friskies around 11. I want to switch for more than one reason, one being the fat in...
  13. angels4mom

    More baby pics!

    I just wanted to show off more baby pics of little Autumn. She's seven months now.
  14. angels4mom

    First holiday without my girl

    This is my first holiday without Mandie in fifteen years and it has been painful. It's also baby Autumns first Christmas. She's seven months old. I want to make it special for her and six year old Holly who, between her brother's death last year and Mandie's in June it has been rough on her. I...
  15. angels4mom

    Wegmans Cat Food

    Has anyone had any experiences with Wegmans brand canned cat food called Buju and Ziggies? There are a lot of their meat foods that have fish in them but also several that don't. They also have a lot of gluten free flavors which impressed me.
  16. angels4mom

    Fish free canned! Yay!

    I've been wanting to get away from fish/fish broth based meat canned foods. I could never understand a company putting fish in a chicken food. I called Purina ( I give my girls Friskies pate and Fancy Feast classic). Interestingly they gave me a big list of their canned foods that are both pate...
  17. angels4mom

    Calories for six year old

    Six year old Holly weighs ten pounds. The vet says her weight is normal for her frame but to me she looks chubby. Holly gets no people food. About three times a week she gets one or two Authority brand grain free dental treats. In the am she gets either half can of Friskes pate or a whole can of...
  18. angels4mom


    Little Autumn is five months old now. I understand that at that age she could still be teething. This morning she kept pawing at the one side of her mouth. Thinking something could be stuck I checked. There was some bleeding on the top back of her gums. I'm thinking a tooth may have been loose...
  19. angels4mom

    Beautiful Autumn

    My beautiful little lady Autumn. My baby's growing up. ;(
  20. angels4mom

    Kitten prefers clay litter

    I would like to switch over completely to Blue Buffalo litter but my kitten prefers clay. Has anyone ever had a cat that didn't like natural?