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  1. maewkaew

    Meet the Breeds at Javits Center NYC Sept 28-29, 2013

     We were just enjoying Sivaleah's photos from a recent CFA show in New Jersey     So I thought I would mention this upcoming event in the same region.   It's in a huge convention center,  with booths set up  for about 200 breeds of cats and dogs,  and visitors can see, pet and take pictures of...
  2. maewkaew

    FIP - Coronavirus - Contagion (when to get new cat)

    If someone ( not me, fortunately) just had a cat die of FIP, and has 2 other cats that are seemingly OK, is it wise to get another kitten a week or 2 after their cat died? I know FIP itself is not contagious. but isn't it a mutation of coronavirus that IS contagious? These folks have...
  3. maewkaew

    New Meezers on the Block

    Hi I was reading on here and joined to post something in Health and then i realised I'd better post an intro. to my cats. The cats i have now are Louis Quatorze (he thinks he is Louis XIV) a ca. 13 year old seal point shorthair who's probably a Siamese mix ( he's a rescue so I don't know his...