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  1. laralove

    Pre-diabetic cat

    I've been gone for a while, but I'm back because I'm worried about my Oliver and remembered this site! I took him to a new vet. It's been a couple years since his last visit (got married and moved last year, and it just got postponed repeatedly. Anyway, she said based on his weight, he...
  2. laralove

    New cat, Ender

    Adopted this 4 month old kitten from the same rescue as Oliver this past Sunday. Tried the slow introduction, but accidental interaction via speedy cat jetting through door caused some issue. He's adorable. He kneads and does the head-butting thing and the walk around and between our legs as a...
  3. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, July 6

    Do your cats play with yarn? I'm sure everyone has seen an image or cartoon of a cat playing with a yarn ball. I got a skein of yarn from the community sharing basket for my daughter and placed it outside of her bedroom door. Oliver caught sight of it and went totally nuts over it. It was as if...
  4. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, June 29

    Some people have a green thumb. I have a black thumb. My daughter gave me a little tin can of flowers for mother's day and I have managed to keep them alive. The basil plant (and all those who came before it), however, has not faired as well. I've also lost (murdered?) a couple of houseplants...
  5. laralove

    I want to rename my cat

    Oliver just doesn't seem to fit. If that makes sense. His personality isn't Oliver-ish.  He doesn't respond to his name, so would it matter if I changed it? Or is that too weird?
  6. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, June 22

    What is your absolute favorite meal of all time, regardless of price or time to prepare? Something big happens in your life and you've decided to celebrate with the ultimate dinner. What are you eating? Easy choice or decisions, decisions?  For me, I'd have a filet mignon, a super loaded baked...
  7. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, June 15

    Today I'm thinking about music. I've seen several live performances, between music festivals and concerts. Most recently, my best friend bought tickets to the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert here in November. That was amusing and a lot of fun. My favorite concerts were Billy Joel. The first time...
  8. laralove

    ADORABLE Friskees ad that has gone viral

    This is the cutest thing. I especially like the part about fitting into shoes only because Oliver has this weird obsession with sniffing and rubbing himself on my daughter's shoes. Anyway, the whole thing is adorable!
  9. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, June 8

    My question is super random today, but bear with me. Early this morning I was dreaming that I was cleaning my house after my daughter had enjoyed a big sleepover with lots of friends. It was much nicer home than mine, but I wasn't aware of that in my dream. Anyway, at a certain point, when I was...
  10. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, June 1

    It's JUNE! I can't believe how quickly this year is passing. Now is the time many people start making summer vacation plans. I have not had a vacation in many years, and this year will not be an exception. At least going no where and doing nothing makes for quick and inexpensive planning! So how...
  11. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, May 25

    How do you wear your hair? Does it depend on the season? Do you ever pay anyone to do your hair special for an event? My hair is really long. Almost to the small of my back now. I don't change it for the seasons. I usually just get tired of it being really long and so cut it short, then regret...
  12. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, May 18

    Now that warm weather is here (at least where I am), how is your wardrobe changing?  I wear a lot of skirts in warm weather, and flip flops almost exclusively, though I have some really cute ones. When not in skirts, it's usually skinny jeans or capris and a simple tee-shirt. I go for comfort.
  13. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, May 11

    Sorry for the late posting. Not only was I celebrating Mothers' Day today, but I also graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! \o/  So what did you do today? 
  14. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, May 4

    Now that warmer weather has arrived, what are you looking forward to doing?
  15. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, April 27

    Oliver doesn't appear to react to catnip. However, this week he's been acting similar to how I've seen cats react to catnip... only it's something else he's reacting to: my daughter's shoes.  There are other shoes around, but it's only her shoes that he seems to REALLY like. He'll sniff them...
  16. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, April 20

    As the end of the semester approaches, I am extremely stressed out and feeling all around negative about the whole thing. SO, in an attempt to boost my mood, I'm asking a positive question! From any point in your life, what is your happiest memory? I will consider this question myself and...
  17. laralove

    Raise money for puppies just by watching a cute video

    Pedigree is raising money for an adoption drive in New Zealand. YouTube gives a percentage of ad revenue for videos that go viral, so that's their goal! And it really is a cute vid!
  18. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, April 13

    I took my kids to a Science Expo at UNC yesterday, and we were blown away by how huge the event was! They had many dozens of tables that covered all different subjects: robotics, physics, biology, dentistry, archeology, anthropology, chemistry, astrology... the list goes on. If you can think of...
  19. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, April 6

    I had two appointments Friday, one on campus and one off, an hour apart. I should have been able to leave one, catch the bus to the second, and arrive with about 15 minutes to spare. Unfortunately, as doctors do, the first one started late and ran long, so I missed my bus by 2 minutes. This...
  20. laralove

    Question of the Day: Sunday, March 30

    I went to a 70's-themed disco party last night to celebrate a friend's engagement. It was a lot of fun! Now it has me wanting to throw a 20's-themed party. To have lived in the Roaring 20's (if I had money) would have been great! That leads me to wonder: If you could go back and live in another...