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  1. denice

    Oldest Known Brown Bear

    Photographer captures 'remarkable' pic of one of oldest-known grizzly bears One of the oldest known brown bears came out of hibernation with 4 cubs. She is known as No 399 and is 24 years old. There was concern that at her age she hadn't survived the winter but she did along with four cubs.
  2. denice

    Street Vet of California

    I just saw a trailer for a documentary about this vet. In his free time he goes to homeless areas in California and treats the pets of homeless people. He has been doing this since 2011. 'The Street Vet' of California Helps the Homeless Care for Their Pets Free of Charge
  3. denice

    Kansas City Chief Celebrates

    Chiefs player pays fees for all dogs at Kansas City shelter to celebrate Super Bowl win A defensive tackle celebrated their Super Bowl win by paying the adoption fee for every dog at a shelter in Kansas City. He said he had wanted a dog as a child and didn't get one until he was almost...
  4. denice

    Starbucks Holiday Blend 2019

    I don't know how many people get any of the Starbucks ground coffee. I normally don't but I do look forward to the Holiday blend every year. It is a little different every year but I have in the past always liked it. Not this year. I had my first cup this morning and I didn't care for it. I...
  5. denice

    Macaws In Free Flight

    I didn't really know where to post this, not pictures of fur babies or pets from here, but it is still special to watch. This man is so well bonded with his birds he can take his two macaws out for time free flying. They are such beautiful and large birds.
  6. denice

    Notre Dame Cathedral

    Notre Dame Cathedral is burning and firefighters do not think they can save the building. They are going in as long as they can to try to save artwork.
  7. denice

    Had To Replace My Dryer

    My almost 22 year old clothes dryer gave out this morning. I had my last load in it when it bit the dust, of course it was towels and I now have damp towels hanging up around the apartment. I had replaced the washing machine I had gotten with it about 11 years ago because the old one had...
  8. denice

    Goats Breakout

    Kids These Days: Unruly Goats Graze Hell Across Suburban Boise This was repeated on the news complete with video clips. This company has a herd of goats that they rent out to take care of overgrown property. They got loose early this morning in a Boise ID suburban neighborhood and their...
  9. denice

    Patches Is Gone

    I just got back from sending Patches to the Bridge. He has battled IBD most of his life, starting when he was only 18 months old. I finally found a good vet 8 years ago and he has had 8 good years. He started going downhill early last year and got sick again the beginning of the year. He...
  10. denice

    Swiffer Commercial

    Those in the U.S. have probably seen this but I love this Swiffer commercial. I think most of us have had at least one cat like this.
  11. denice

    Christmas Trees

    I hadn't seen a thread with trees yet so I started one. I hadn't put up a tree in several years but decided to this year. I have decorations for a much larger tree so they wouldn't all fit on this one. I put decorations on it until I couldn't find a place to put anymore.
  12. denice

    Malala Accepted To Oxford

    Malala Yousafzai has been accepted to Oxford Malala Yousafzai, Shot by the Taliban, Is Going to Oxford She is the young Afghan girl who ran underground schools for girls and was the youngest winner of a Nobel Peace Prize.
  13. denice

    New Purse

    I was bad and went to the Coach store this morning. I still like a light colored purse in the summer and a dark one in the winter. I have a perfectly good black purse also Coach but I have used it the last six winters. I wanted something different. I rarely allow myself to go into the Coach...
  14. denice

    Texture Magazine Subscriptions

    I signed up for Texture Magazines. I am going to try it to see if I use it enough to justify $15.00 a month. I like it. They have the different news magazines, National Geographics, Readers Digest and Consumer Reports. Those are the ones that I am interested in. I can move the ones that I...
  15. denice

    Got My Wifi Turned On This Afternoon

    I thought I needed some kind of different equipment but my modem already had Wifi on it he just turned it on for me. He did something with the modem and then logged in as an admin to turn it on. I have already set up my TV on my tablet. I also have downloaded Mahjong. I love that game even...
  16. denice

    Being Reviewed Email Notifications

    I am still getting an email when someone posts in a thread. I don't want the email notifications.
  17. denice

    Sears It looks like, barring a miracle, Sears will be closing.  I am 61 and I don't remember a time without Sears.  I grew up on a farm in a rural area so there was a lot of ordering from catalogs.  I also remember...
  18. denice

    Carrie Fisher

    Carrie Fisher has passed and she was only 60.  I think she was amazing and so much more than her role in Star Wars.  She was also a talented author and was so funny.  Tina Fey says that she was a big influence for her.  I loved that she didn't get into the Hollywood thing of trying to look...
  19. denice

    I Hate Pc's

    I left my laptop on last night when I went to bed.  I got up this morning and it was dead. The power lights were on but the PC was dead.  I have had this laptop maybe a month at  the most.  I make an appointment to take it into Best Buy.  The guy pushes the power button and it comes on.  He said...
  20. denice

    I Am Such a Klutz

    I spilled coffee on my laptop and the top two rows of keys are dead It was only about 18 months old. I am going out in a bit to get another one. I also have to take both kitties for checkups next week. I will probably end up carrying a balance on a credit card for awhile. I really hate that.