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  1. C

    What dose of Prozac?

    For those who have cats on Prozac what dosage are you giving and how long did it take your cat to adjust? My boy has been sleeping a lot more since starting it though today he was awake and playing more. We are on week 3 of 5mg daily.
  2. V

    Urine retention on Prozac (fluoxetine)

    Hi all, New here but my female cat (9 years old around 15lbs) was put on Prozac at my request due to increased anxiety and over licking her stomach. She has been on it about a week. Since about day 3 I’ve noticed she holds her urine for more than 24hours sometimes up to 36/48 hours. She is...
  3. aelovina

    Experience with cats on Prozac/fluoxetine? He's in good health, but has some anxiety and has been displaying territorial aggression with two of our other cats. The vet recommended Prozac to help with the aggression. We'll be trying pills first since that's the least expensive option. If he refuses to take them (picky cat) I...
  4. J

    Prozac & urinary retention? Advice needed FLUTD kitty

    ...Throughout testing we’ve only found crystals once and that’s make my vet believe this is FLUTD caused by anxiety. I started him on liquid Prozac (fluoxetine) five days ago. He was prescribed 1mL/day. And at night I’m weaning him off gabapentin (50mg at night from 200mg a day prior). It...
  5. IndyJones

    Shelter cat is broken and super depressed

    Re: prozac: This is one of those drugs I was talking about that can have interactions with cbd oil. If you are using the cbd oil STOP USING it. Prozac is known to have a drug interaction with it. Use only one or the other.
  6. mrsgreenjeens

    Experience with cats on Prozac/fluoxetine?

    not sure if you already did a search here on this site under "prozac", but in case you didn't, here it is: Search Results for Query: prozac
  7. S

    Hyperesthesia Kitty

    Drug Interaction Report: Claritin, gabapentin, Prozac I know it’s for humans, but interactions would be similar. Both Prozac and Gabapentin need to be weaned off, not abruptly discontinued.
  8. V

    Urine retention on Prozac (fluoxetine)

    My vet was concerned enough that she is weaning off the Prozac and we will discuss other options this week. I feel better about that in the long run. Thanks!
  9. C

    Post-vet-visit smell

    ...days, in my experience. My anxious cat, Ori, would hiss and be stand-offish to any cat that visited a vet for a day or two. Since he's been on Prozac, actually that behavior has stopped and last time he actually helped groom the smell out of her! (Of course the prozac isn't long term). I...
  10. rubysmama

    Kitten to multi-cat household introduction not progressing

    ...helpful. Others not so much though. But something to maybe look into. FELIWAY® | Calming Pheromone Diffusers for Cats & Felines About Prozac, I feel the same way about drugging the cats, but maybe it is something to talk to your vet about. There's several threads that discuss it...
  11. VAMama

    Shelter cat is broken and super depressed

    ...say the results are not due to stress. Demanding I get new labs done. I said this is going too fast and she's not stabilized yet. They offered prozac. I stupidly thought how expensive could it be, so I agreed. Now I have to pay $75 for a month of prozac, then pay 350 for labs next month, then...
  12. EllieE83

    Cat less affectionate on Prozac

    Hey I’d love you to share the outcome…. I’ve just put my cats on Prozac for anxiety and spraying and they are being super snobs when usually super affectionate :(
  13. KittyFriday

    Experience with cats on Prozac/fluoxetine?

    ...of about 4-6 weeks where his anxiety may be heightened, he may be sleepier, may not eat as much, etc.? I'm not sure if it applies to cats or not, but I know when I started Prozac (and when my dog started Prozac) the first few weeks while the meds loaded into the system were a little more...
  14. A

    Dealing with cat’s aggression towards people

    My working hypothesis that she attacks out of fear or sometimes re-directed aggression. And last points- meds like Prozac are not an option with our vet. She believes it is just Lisa‘s personality.
  15. stephanietx

    Question for owners of cats who are on behavioral medication.

    I have a kitty who's been on Prozac for awhile for litterbox issues. I have noticed a change in her coat as well. It looks greasy now, but it's still soft. He also doesn't seem to groom as much or as often, but he is still grooming.
  16. R

    Post PU Surgery Worries

    ...if he gets overstimulated. Cannot believe any vet would recommend a cat on 200 mg/day just stop cold turkey. Nu uh. I'm just glad the prozac side effects seemed to chill out before I started weaning him. My poor baby. We'll see if he even stays on prozac; if he's still antisocial after he's...
  17. R

    Post PU Surgery Worries

    I love how I was talking about a prozac zombie and literally in the same day I scooped him up on my lap and he stayed there and purred and accepted pets for 20 minutes and I cried a lot. Cats really are such amazing creatures I love him so much. ;u; Everything's gonna be okay.
  18. Mac and Cats

    Urine retention on Prozac (fluoxetine)

    I've had 3 cats on Prozac in the past and all three of them urinated less frequently while on it. So, I think it is for sure just a side effect of Prozac. I mentioned it to two different vets and they did not seem concerned at all.
  19. stephanietx

    Experience with cats on Prozac/fluoxetine?

    One of my cats was on Prozac during the summer because of litter box avoidance issues. We had also tried all the things and it just wasn't helping. We did Prozac once a day for 30 days then every other day for 60 days. It didn't help him. He's still avoiding the litter box for pooping. It did...
  20. V

    Question for owners of cats who are on behavioral medication.

    Does it look similar to this?