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  1. S

    E tube with Hepatic Lipidosis

    Hi everyone... I have been reading many different peoples stories on here and decided to post my own. My girl Zelda has hepatic lipidosis. She was hospitalized on 03/14 for anemia, elevated liver enzymes, and post op monitoring as she had a foreign object removed from her small intestine. I...
  2. FeebysOwner

    Cat recently diagnosed with hepatic lipidosis & feeding tube issues

    ...from some when they come across your post. In the meantime, maybe you would like to look through some previous posts related to hepatic lipidosis. Search Results for Query: hepatic lipidosis | TheCatSite I do believe that it can take a long time for a cat to recover from this condition...
  3. X

    Cat recently diagnosed with hepatic lipidosis & feeding tube issues

    thank you! i feel so bad because he seems like hes in such bad shape after having the e tube in for less than a week and the vet told me he thought he'd be fine in just a few weeks given how normal he was (apart from his liver issues) when i brought him into the er :(
  4. S

    Tips to motivate a cat with an esophagostomy tube to start eating on their own?

    ...wild ride together over the last few months but I believe we can finally say she is in the recovery stage. She had severe hepatic lipidosis due to malnutrition, removal of a foreign object in her small intestine, 3 day hospitalization for anemia. The foreign object was missed - she is truly...
  5. X

    Cat recently diagnosed with hepatic lipidosis & feeding tube issues

    ...before his primary vet appointment on Tuesday. Long story short, my ones cat was eating my other cats food and he developed hepatic lipidosis from this and had to have a feeding tube placed. He was fine the first few days but on day four he vomited every meal. He was constipated and...
  6. Docs Mom

    Deaf cat is extremely distressed over loss over other cat

    His liver enzymes are high because he is not eating very well or at all. Google hepatic lipidosis. It is a serious illness. I would have a conversation with your vet about treatment. I wish your kitty well.....good luck with easing his sorrow.
  7. T

    Runny poop after hepatic lipidosis recovery

    Hello everyone! My Olivia had a bout of hepatic lipidosis a few months ago. I got her back to Health luckily. They did an ultrasound and a fine needle aspirate and confirmed it was hepatic lipidosis. Her liver enzymes and bilirubin were also very elevated. I took her back for a check up after...
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    Need Help & Advice for Cat with Megacolon

    ...will happen if he only eats canned food. Very important is that especially due to his being overweight, he is at a high risk for hepatic lipidosis if he stops eating. Never let him not eat, or try to wait him out with food. These cats are usually dehydrated. Talk to your vet about doing...
  9. FrothOnTheDaydream

    Hepatic Lipidosis - success without feeding tube?! Freaking out.

    Sangria has hepatic lipidosis. It's my fault. She was on Flagyl, and it made her stop eating. She would eat a bit, but I guess not enough. She saw a general vet and an internal medicine specialist. They prescribed: - Hills a/d emergency food - subq fluids (LSR) - clavamox - Mirtazapine Her...
  10. J

    Difficult Decisions Re Probable Hepatic Lipidosis

    ...with the decision regarding my 13-yo cat to put in a feeding tube versus forcing feeding for another few days to help resolve Hepatic Lipidosis considering there's a high likelihood there's a serious underlying cause that I would elect to have my pet put down if it requires further and/or...
  11. S

    Going to dental tomorrow for senior cat..should I be worried?

    I don’t know that I would do the cone. I would however make sure she eats. It is important she eats as cats can get something called hepatic lipidosis aka fatty liver disease if they don’t. So if she isn’t eating by morning, a call to your vet is in order. She is very pretty. If you think...
  12. FeebysOwner

    E tube questions

    I've read numerous articles/documents that it can take weeks and weeks to turn a cat around from hepatic lipidosis. Is she receiving any kind of anti-nausea meds? If not, you might ask the vet about that aspect. And also ask about B-12 injections. It seems that at least 40% of cats with HL are...
  13. heatherwillard0614

    My cat hasn't been eating for a few days

    ...getting her to the vet. Like the sooner the better. Cats shouldn't go more than 24 hours without eating. Cats can get fatty liver (hepatic lipidosis) when they stop eating. Offer anything she may eat.. any treats, food tubes, boiled chicken, stage 2 plain meat baby food make sure it has...
  14. adambobby

    Etube question

    He got diagnosed with hepatic lipidosis and has been about 8 days of poor nutrition and non-eating, and he has jaundice the canary yellow Crayola color. Yes I just got done doing his third feeding at home a little bit before I posted my first question. Ty ill watch the video!
  15. G

    HELP !! Cat refusing to eat and drink after gastroenteritis

    ...So far 1 X-ray, two ultrasounds, and 2 sets of blood work this past week have shown nothing. Vet keeps saying he isn’t at risk for hepatic lipidosis since he is eating a little and no major disease has revealed itself She also saw a little bit of food in his stomach on the ultrasound so he...
  16. Bella's Mommy

    My cat hasn't been eating for a few days

    She did eat some of her food just now but not all of it
  17. E

    How many calories should I feed cat with fatty liver?

    ...not sure what caused the issue to begin with, but if you are syringe feeding I am thinking you are trying to get through a bout of hepatic lipidosis…..maybe? If so, I know that a small amount of food often is the best bet. I once cared for a cat with this condition, and we fed her one syringe...
  18. O

    Ongoing Mystery Issue

    I think you guys are right about switching to wet food, but I’m curious why the vet has never mentioned it. Both prescription foods they recommended were dry (and ineffective).
  19. S

    Ongoing Mystery Issue Use a pate variety, not the kind with gravy. Very important is that she has to eat. Overweight cats are more likely to get hepatic lipidosis ( fatty liver disease) if they stop, or reduce eating. Getting weight off of her is going to help, but there may be a bigger issue going on. When...
  20. FeebysOwner

    E tube with Hepatic Lipidosis

    ...i hate what brought you here. I have no direct experience with this, but I do know through all I have read that recovery from hepatic lipidosis can be a long haul. So, I would not be surprised that you have not yet seen any kind of results. When you say incontinence, do you mean that Zelda...