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    Cat refusing to eat wet cat food

    Hi, I am sorry you are going through this, I just had the same thing with my cat and I know how stressful it can be. I wish I had an answer for you but mine did not turn out well. My cat seemed to have an allergic reaction to the appetite stimulant and I had to put him down. My cat stopped...
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    I had to put my cat down. When I came home from work he was breathing really hard like he was having an asthma attack and was having trouble walking. I don't know if it was an allergic reaction to the appetite stimulant or what but I wasn't putting him through any more.
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    The vet gave me some appetite stimulant and gave him some fluids. He didn't eat anything this morning but I think the ketamine they gave him at the vet's was still wearing off. I gave him his first dose of appetite stimulant so hopefully by dinner he will be wanting to eat. He used the litter...
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    My beloved 11 year old cat was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. He has been on a small amount of steroids every other day for years because of asthma and has done fantastically with it (although it may have masked the lymphoma symptoms for awhile). The vet drastically increased his steroid...
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    Likely feral Kittens of uncertain age

    Since you can get close to them and your mom could even pick one up, I would say you absolutely can socialize them. They are adorable.
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    Shelter cat is broken and super depressed

    I wonder if that could cause some equilibrium issues for her? Maybe that has contributed to her hesitancy in exploring much. I am glad you discovered it.
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    Please help with big decision

    Fantastic progress!
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    Will this feral mother regularly bring her kittens to the feeding station?

    Way to go! Good luck on getting the remaining ones.
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    Feral cat to inside cat

    I am concerned about the cat bites. Have been to the doctor to have them checked out?
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    Brought home a stray / feral cat and need help

    As mentioned by poolcat, you may have to trap her to get her to the vet. Don't worry, she will trust you again. I have never had a cat that took more than a day or so to go back to normal behavior.
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    HELP- Stray or feral cat who needs a place to go (UTAH)

    Have you reached out to Best Friends in Kanab? They might not be able to take the cat but maybe can give the names of some other organizations in your area.
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    Advice for socializing

    One thing that has helped me is brushing one cat and then brushing the other so that they start smelling like each other.
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    Will this feral mother regularly bring her kittens to the feeding station?

    With my cats, the moms seem to start bringing the kittens regularly when they are about 8 to 10 weeks old.
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    Mandated to stop feeding stray cats

    This happened to me and I just shifted it to a different nearby location and made sure that it wasn't easy to tell that someone was feeding there. I am a morning person so like mamanyt1953 I feed early, at 5:00 when most people aren't out.
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    Please help with big decision

    Great picture. She is very photogenic.
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    Traveling with Outdoor Cat

    I don't have any experience with this but I can say, from what I have heard from others, you absolutely want to make sure you have him as your carry on so he can be with you on the flight, under the seat or whatever. I have heard horror stories of animals being put in with the luggage and being...
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    How to know if someone’s caring for a feral?

    What a sweetheart. I wish her all the best. If you could make it out to visit her, I think that would be good because it would make you feel better to see her doing well in her new environment. I always visit the cats I take to the shelter after a few weeks because seeing them always makes me...
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    Brought a stray/feral cat in and now he won’t leave his carrier

    What a lovely cat. He looks very happy.
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    How to know if someone’s caring for a feral?

    My initial reaction is that it wouldn't be a good placement for her. The dogs in particular worry me. Also, she has shown that she is not good fending for herself and would probably be better in a home. You may have mentioned it and I missed it but was the vet going to spay her? That for...
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    How to know if someone’s caring for a feral?

    Any updates on the little calico girl?