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    Is kibbles really bad?

    When considering cats as a whole here are some problems with kibble only diets. - Low moisture. Cats aren't big drinkers. We don't want to put excess strain on their kidneys. - Excess carbohydrates which cause weight gain (diabetes), and can cause chronic gastrointestinal issues later in life...
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    How do you cope with having an aging furry friend?

    Take a moment to decide how much $$ you're willing to spend to keep him alive and determine how much will it improve his life. You have to separate your desire to keep him around from his quality of life. At some point in the future the cat will let you know when enough is enough. You...
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    high glucose level detected

    Stress will cause a spike in glucose levels. Just feed the cat low carb food and less of it. The cat will fell better and his joints will get a break
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    Feliway Multicat VS. Optimum: Thoughts?

    The diffuser uses heat to send the product onto the air. The spray is just that. Spray it wherever.
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    IBD Flare-Up?

    Diarrhea is typically a flare up. I've been in your situation. What are you syringe feeding?
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    Cat peeing outside the litterbox

    FIC? Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC) in Cats | PetMD We have a male who has been dealing with this for 3-4 yrs.
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    Filtered Fountains

    We've used a fountain for 11 yrs with no issues. It's the only water source they have other than an occasional "spring" in the bathtub.
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    Cat peeing outside the litterbox

    About 24-48 hrs they cat should experience some relief. I hope it's a one off for you guys.
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    Feliway Multicat VS. Optimum: Thoughts?

    I haven't noticed a difference in cat behavior.
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    How difficult to place a cat for adoption?

    We're going to try kitty prozac (not actually prozac) for a couple of months Based on previous X-rays, Ultrasounds, lab reports (blood/urine) he's not a cat who develops UTI from crystals. FIC is a really PITA.
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    How difficult to place a cat for adoption?

    We spoke about it. There's one in our area who will provide a virtual assessment for $380 but I'm unsure if they're going to be able to tell me anything I don't already know and prescribe irrational solutions (i.e. have our cats segregated to separate floors) simply because the that's all they...
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    How difficult to place a cat for adoption?

    They stopped breeding/showing a few years prior to when they passed. We bought from one of their last litters.
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    How difficult to place a cat for adoption?

    We've been using crystal litter since the two of them have been around 4 yrs old and we were thinking of going back to clay just for his box under the premise that he's associating pain with the litter. Do you think clay is still a bad idea? The cat has more windows, toys, hiding places and...
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    How difficult to place a cat for adoption?

    Unfortunately the breeder passed away prior to COVID. They had a good run which included being head of the CFA.
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    How difficult to place a cat for adoption?

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    How difficult to place a cat for adoption?

    Urinalysis and ultrasound. He has never had a blockage due to crystals. He has been on a 75/25 diet of C/D (wet,dry) and Wysong Uretic since February.
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    Finally Had Enough

    Do what you want. Cats aren't guaranteed to remain bonded as they age. My, littermates, are 10 yrs old and tolerate each other. Long gone are the days of grooming and sleeping with each other
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    How difficult to place a cat for adoption?

    I think we're going to have to put one of our Main Coons up for adoption. The Vet is unable to determine a medical reason for his chronic UTI's so we're assuming it has something to do with his home environment that we're unable to discover ourselves. How difficult is it to re-home a cat...
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    Should Phosphorus be reduced for healthy senior kitty?

    Phosphorus doesn't cause kidney problems, it's just that as a cat ages their kidneys become less effective. This is why all cat food labeled as senior, adult, urinary, etc has lower levels of phosphorus and other minerals. Of course for cats with CKD it's not just phosphorus, but it's...
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    Cheap canned food suggestions for big old cats.

    United States. Cost is important because they're big cats. They're current daily diet is 1.25 cups 50/50 Hills c/d stress + Wysong Uretic AND 2-cans Hills c/d stress. (3.9 oz/ea). The wet has pork liver in it so they really like it but pork is almost impossible to find anymore...