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    Somewhat Unadoptable Misfit Cats Available For Forever Homes...

    Hmm maybe not several abandoned pets but Homes need for a little shy but sweet kittys who will blossom with love and care. I have a friend who does artwork, I will ask if she can help make a poster
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    Somewhat Unadoptable Misfit Cats Available For Forever Homes...

    I think something upbeat, not giving reasons why people don't keep cats. Something like, Home needed please or several abandoned former pets need new homes Short and sweet to get initial atrention Then describe the situation. From my experience, friendly cats were once used to humans. If born...
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    Somewhat Unadoptable Misfit Cats Available For Forever Homes...

    I did a little search as am not feeling well so not out and about today. I found this group in Houston, is it one of the ones you have already tried? Save A Purrfect Cat Rescue They work by volunteer fostering and I know kitten season is approaching but they may be able to take a few of your...
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    Somewhat Unadoptable Misfit Cats Available For Forever Homes...

    That is a shame :( Sometimes they just need a little time to trust. You can see how happy they are to see you. Let us know if you find good options online or would like more help looking for groups.
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    Somewhat Unadoptable Misfit Cats Available For Forever Homes...

    Let us know how you get on. From visiting cats in my local shelter I can say, yours seem pretty human friendly. I have seen fearful cats come round with habitation to humans and yours seems pretty relaxed with you. They are outside and I understand for some inside may be a stressor but a safe...
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    New Rescued 9 Month Old Cat

    I find sitting in the same room, talking in a gentle voice, reading a book etc helps them get comfortable around humans. Try not to make much eye contact as they may see that as aggressive. When he gets a bit more comfortable try wand toys.
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    Most Likely "dmh Tortie", But...

    Pretty girl! Longhairs are supposed to have an original point of origin, so she will be cousins to longhaired breeds.
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    Im Not Sure What Kind Of Siamese Trait He Is

    Of course there is breed ancestry if he has pointed cats in his heritage. He looks like one of the modern breeds that were made using Siamese. Snowshoe or Ragdoll to my guess.
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    What Breed Is My Cat?

    Many cats may not be a particular breed is a manta posted by many here but pointed cats are only in the domestic population in the west because they descend from Asian cats of point coloration most often Siamese. To have points both parents must carry it. She very well could be a particular...
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    Could Someone Tell Me My Cat's Breed?

    She was a not very common color. She may have been a mixed Persian, Maine Coon or such. Beautiful cat.
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    Need Help Cleaning A Dirty Rescue Cat

    Gorgeous kitty:happycat:
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    Somewhat Unadoptable Misfit Cats Available For Forever Homes...

    Try also posting elsewhere here such as in SOS.
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    Somewhat Unadoptable Misfit Cats Available For Forever Homes...

    Surya, I am not in Texas. It seems people seem to dump pets in the area near your apartment complex. I cannot physically help you as am not anywhere near you. I think your best bet it to find local groups or groups in nearby states that pick up and transport shelter animals and animals in need...
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    Somewhat Unadoptable Misfit Cats Available For Forever Homes...

    Sorry to hear of the troubles you and your semi ferals are facing. I think barn cat homes may be an option, if you can link into a network that places them. There are likely rescues that spay/neuter and place in rural homes. I have seen a program that said Austin was a no kill city. If you can...
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    Any Tips Or Advice On Adapting To A High Energy, And Very Clingy Siamese Kitten.

    Hi, Do you have wand toys like the Da Bird? Do the other cats play with her? I would up wand toy play, especially fast moving feathery toys like the Da Bird. Are your cat trees and beds in high up places she can look out the window, with a bird feeder or street scenes to watch?
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    5 Month Old Kitten :)

    Beautiful kitten! Her father looks a Ragdoll, which is a mix that used Siamese to create a breed.
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    What's My Kitten's Breed? Mix Hard To Identify.

    Gorgeous girl, there needs to be color point on both sides to get a color point kitten, so you can be assured she has Siamese on both sides in her ancestry. Beautiful girl :goldstar:
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    4 Month Old Kitten

    I agree, I was thinking likely Siamese or Oriental shorthair in there, or a breed that was crossed with Siamese. Cute kitten:)
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    Part Russian Blue?

    Really gorgeous boy. Russian blues and Korats are not that common. Breeds that have been around for over a hundred years and in the days before spaying and nautering were common, are for example, Siamese, Persians, Maine Coons etc. Your beautiful boys personality seems somewhat like a Siamese or...
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    Should I Give Up?

    Poor cat, if he was teased and tormented in the past, no wonder he is suspicious of humans. Make sure there is enough territory for them to share. At least two littler boxes in seperate locations, food bowls separated, enough space to be away from each other if wanted, cat climbers and cat...