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  1. Kefa

    Homer and Kelly, what is up?

    We are doing so well now with the taming, I am reluctant to do something so traumatic to her. My next plan was to try to get some flea treatment on her and see how long it will take her to forgive me for that. She freaks out if the door moves while she is in the house, she has to have her...
  2. Kefa

    Homer and Kelly, what is up?

    Homer.. indoor Siamese 4 years old neutered. Kelly...feral female Orange tabby, outdoor, spayed, 4 years old. Kelly first started coming around 4 years ago, when they were both about 6 months old, and Homer and Kelly would play through the sliding glass door. After a year or so of this...
  3. Kefa


    I spent too much money on a Seresto Flea Collar last August. But he didn't like it and it gave him a rash, so after three days I cut it off. A week later I found a dead flea on his head. So I got out the superglue, glued the collar back together, and wrapped part of it with cloth tape. When...
  4. Kefa

    What Was Your Cat's First Word?

    "Ready". He would bother me while I was working at the computer, so I would make balls of paper and throw them at him. I called it "Cat Baseball" He would catch them and bat them around and then get them under the closet door. I would hold up a new one and say "Ready" and he would shake...
  5. Kefa

    Continuing The War On My Lack Of Sleep

    Homer grew out of this, but what I did was put an ottoman with a cat bed on it right next to my bed, and whenever he woke me up I hissed or yelled at him. I didn't put him IN the cat bed, because in my experience cats don't stay where you put them unless you train them to do that. This was...
  6. Kefa

    Nightmares Or Seizures?

    Thanks guys. He was just in for his checkup in April, and he was fine. At that time, it had only happened once, and I didn't mention it. He doesn't move around a lot like that cat in the video, there isn't much time to tape it. It's very fast, he jerks, wakes up, jumps up, and runs away...
  7. Kefa

    Nightmares Or Seizures?

    Three times in the last six months Homer has been sleeping peacefully, then suddenly jerks himself awake, and runs to his "safe place" in the closet. When he comes out he is scared, walking low to the ground, his tail a bit puffy, and cautiously investigating everything. The first time it...
  8. Kefa

    Lip Smacking And Dry Heaving

    Have you tried offering her grass? I usually just give Homer a few sprigs from the yard with every meal. I make sure the pieces are small, and he doesn't puke them up. Cats do eat grass when left to their own devices. I did buy him some of that presprouted oat grass but he ate it all, so...
  9. Kefa

    Weird New Thing .. Bott Balls

    Vet had no idea. Nothing is wrong that he can see.
  10. Kefa

    Useless Vet! Limping Cat

    Sometimes when they get their claws stuck in something they can "sprain" a toe pulling the claw out. It's not broke, they usually don't swell up, the claw can look just fine, but it's sore. If she lets you look at it, you might be able to tell which toe just because it will hurt when you touch...
  11. Kefa

    How Do I Stop Out Of Control Behavior?

    Scream when she hurts you. I did that with Homer and he still bats my ankles, but NEVER with claws. I can bare hand wrestle with him ("get your belly" game) and never even get a scratch. They CAN learn to be careful of human skin.
  12. Kefa

    My Resident Cat Won't Play Anymore With Toys, What To Do?

    I think you are going to have to play with him in another room, he is being overly polite, and as long as she is there he is going to defer to her.
  13. Kefa

    Weird New Thing .. Bott Balls

    He will be 4 in March or so. I was thinking injury, because of the way he jumps around and twists in midair. But he doesn't act injured. I was wondering if his added weight or possibly because I got him indoor grass and he is eating too much of it? He does like his grass...Normally I get...
  14. Kefa

    Cats And Microfiber Fleece Blankets. Lots Of Meowing And Biting At It!

    Yes, he has chewed holes in the afghan. But I checked the fleece closely, and doesn't seem to be missing anything : )
  15. Kefa

    Weird New Thing .. Bott Balls

    Homer is still mostly on dry food, but he is drinking his water every day, and eating his Purina, and getting his fresh grass with every meal, and his Temptations out of his puzzles, and he has put on a bit of weight this winter, about 1 lb, he is now 11 lbs. (He was sneaking the feral cat...
  16. Kefa

    Cat Screaming At Night

    Homer does this at night. I asked him about it, and he said he was just singing... Seriously though something may be outside and she may be scared. Usually a raccoon, or another cat, but he goes nuts if it's a skunk. If I get up and do a check of all windows and doors and turn on the...
  17. Kefa

    Cats And Microfiber Fleece Blankets. Lots Of Meowing And Biting At It!

    Homer loves the fleece and microfiber stuff. He kneads it to death. I was covering my lap with one that has a fake lambs wool side and he was between my feet, and doing something weird, I thought he was eating it! But no, he was just sucking it. Nothing weird here...
  18. Kefa

    Does Anyone Else Give Their Cats Nicknames?

    Homer looks at me when I call him Homer, he comes when called Cat!. But he also gets called kee, kikidee, keefer, keefurkey.
  19. Kefa

    Comment by 'Kefa' in media 'fat-cat-scale.png'

    It doesn't show the primordial pouch. Some cats can have a hanging belly and still be fit.
  20. Kefa

    Cat Refuses To Eat Anything But Treats.

    Whisker stress doesn't make sense for Homer, he drinks his water out of a giant Mug. He really prefers to be hand fed, or get his food out of puzzles.