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    Cat anal glands

    If the Royal Canin is wet food, then yes.
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    Cat is not wanting to eat his dry food after I started feeding him a good wet food

    You also have the option of buying ground beef, cooking it and using a topper. Toppers provide the right amount of nutrients. My kitten's breeder was all raw and I transitioned my kitten to cooked meat with a topper and then to premium canned food. I rotate the proteins and she seems to like...
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    Is my cat drinking enough?

    Nacho makes cat bone broth. My cat eats all wet but I also add a teaspoon of bone broth to each of her three meals. I give it to my dog as well.
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    Is salmon baked in a little olive oil with no other spices or condiments alright for a cat?

    I would limit fish to once a week unless the pieces are extremely tiny.
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    Cat anal glands

    Feed him a high quality wet food. In the long run, it will help in many ways.
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Georgia and Mr. Bigglesworth.
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    Siamese and other Colorpoint kitties thread 😻

    My first cat was a Siamese. His name was Mr. Bigglesworth. I now have a Cornish Rex the same color. Her name is Emily Dickinson.
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    Competition: Picture of the Month July 2022: Cats in the Sun

    Emily Dickinson taking advantage of the sun setting.
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    21 year old cat wants human food

    Cook some organic beef. Add a topper and some plain chicken baby food. I've also used cat bone broth to make more gravy.