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    Needing ideas for larger/smarter cats that are not challenged by the "typical toys"

    I second the milk rings! Nova loves hers; we have 1-2 dozen... mostly under the stove and refrigerator! Da Bird. It's a wand toy that you hold and wave around, but it's different from the other wand toys that are out there! The feathers kind of flutter (like a real bird ?). Squishy balls they...
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    Things I'm thankful for

    I'm thankful for my good health, food to eat, a clean warm place to sleep, clothes to wear, my amazing husband, my cats, having a job, having a car, my parents, my wonderful friends, the relatively good health of my loved ones, having access to an education, and health insurance. I have a good...
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    I'm a bit scared this evening...

    I hope you do not have ketoacidosis, and I hope you feel better soon.
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    Feedback please?

    The human eye is most sensitive to about 550 nm wavelength light... that would be a yellowish green. I think your illuminated figures would be more eye catching if there were a hint of green in them. Something like the halo around the words "Safe-Lite".
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    My mom needs prayers......

    I am sorry that your mom continues to have health problems. Sending my vibes and prayers her way!
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    It's been 13 days and some hours since surgery, and I had my follow up appointment today. The doctor says my progress is slow. I'm at the point in my recovery that most people would be at somewhere between days 7 and 9. The silver lining is that I've lost 6 pounds, and my fitness goal when I...
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    I'm embarrassed to say... I've heard of probiotics, but I don't know how to procure them. Are there probiotics in yogurt I can get at a regular supermarket, or is it a specialty food that I have to search for? I was just eating regular plain yogurt. My digestion is back to normal now, but it's...
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    I feel almost normal again, except for a few things. 1. If I don't drink enough water, I feel a general sense of malaise. I am drinking about 11 glasses of water, gatorade, and/or juice each day. I like water best. 2. I'm still unable to speak. If I force myself to, I can squeak out a few...
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    Could use some thoughts or vibes

    Sending warm thoughts your way!
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    I am feeling better and better. The thrush is pretty much gone after only two days of medicine. Most of the pain is gone too. Once in a while, my throat will spasm, which is kind of weird. The scab over my wounds looks like it's disintegrating ever so slowly. I think the pain flares up after I...
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    So Excited I can't Stand it!!!! Tomorrow........

    Cute meetup photos of three lovely cat people!
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    Thank you all for the continuing encouragement! Posting here has been a good way to get my feelings out, since I still can't speak. I had a minor setback in recovery- oral thrush. The antibiotics did their job too well, and now there's an overgrowth of yeast in my mouth. (Yuck!) I visited the...
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    You all are so right. I'm even having dreams about food! I need to get something nutritious in there even if it hurts. I did have a cream of chicken soup, and it was good, but it didn't have as many Calories as I would have hoped. Yesterday, I tried to have a smoothie made with soy milk and I...
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    What does your username mean?

    Nova is our first cat. When hubby and I first moved in together, he said we could have just one. Now we have 4 indoors-only and 3-4 feral outdoors.
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    I got a Job!!

    Congratulations! From your posts, you come across as being a compassionate person... sounds like this job is a good fit!
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    My Eggo is Preggo

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    Is it OK if I continue to post my progress here? Yesterday I made it to 1030 Calories of liquids. The pain felt like it was subsiding for about half the day, but I was overly optimistic. I had trouble sleeping last night due to pain. Maybe it's too much info, but I've been menstruating since...
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    A Brief Progress Report

    I hope you recover quickly! I've enjoyed reading about Nurse Turtle and the special bond you two share.
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    Need some vibes.

    Sending vibes and positive thoughts!
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    My next pain medicine dose is in an hour, so this is as coherent as I'm going to get! I didn't realize that I mentioned my fear of bleeding over and over and over in this thread. I've been able to get down a lot of water, broth, gatorade, and apple juice. No food really. The pain medicine they...