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    treatment for cat with megacolon - is surgery "safe"?

    I've had 2 cats that needed daily laxatives. The 1st one was treated with lactulose which worked well. The one I have now gets 1/4 teaspoon of Miralax mixed with a little water and then mixed thoroughly with her wet food once a day. She was on that GI Biome food and even with the Miralax her...
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    Sudden cat allergy? Oh no. :(

    I seemed to develop allergies after I had a bad case of the flu many years ago. One of the things I'm allergic to is cat hair (dander). It's not severe but I get a very stuffy nose. I use a generic Flonase nasal spray once a day. And I'm able to have my sweet love bug Jasmine anywhere in my...
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    Boarding Cat - Does She Need Feline Leukemia Booster?

    I'm going to be boarding my cat in September. The facility is very clean and each cat has their own inclosure and the cats don't interact with each other - they aren't let out to mingle. There is some carpeted cat furniture in the inclosure. My cat is current on her FVRCP and rabies boosters...
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    Insulin Resistant Cat - Not sure what to do

    This is probably something that has been addressed already but just on the outside chance - are you feeding Finn a high protein low carbohydrate food? Wet foods that fit that category are best, better than dry kibble. I had a cat that had inflammatory bowel disease and then developed diabetes...
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    The story of your cat’s adoption

    At Christmas time in 2001 my brother adopted Rusty from a shelter for our dad as a Christmas present. Rusty was about 3 years old and had come from a cat hoarding situation with 47 cats in a one bedroom apartment. Rusty must have thought he hit the jackpot - going from that situation to live in...
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    How Many Of You Have Cats That Understand Words?

    The other day I was reading somewhere that cats don't understand words. But I have a cat now and I had a cat years ago that both understood - "Do you want to be brushed?" Both of them love(d) to be brushed. I would ask the question often without the brush in sight and they do (did) come...
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    I Had A Scare Tonight - Correct Number For Free Poison Control Information

    Thank you! Success I found the pill! I pulled out the bottom broiler drawer of my stove and it was under there on the floor way in the back. I don't know how these pills bounce like this.
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    I Had A Scare Tonight - Correct Number For Free Poison Control Information

    I dropped one of my pills tonight when I was taking my medication. I tore apart my kitchen looking for it with no luck. I remembered there was a number to call for free poison control information listed on The Cat Site. I called the number which was busy and disconnected me. So I tried...
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    Carrier for Air Travel

    I also forgot - it's probably a good idea to bring a harness and leash for your cat. They made my cat get out of the carrier for a couple of minutes to scan the carrier - I guess for explosives. That was scary because I was afraid my cat would get loose in the airport and I'd never see him...
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    Carrier for Air Travel

    I think you also need a health certificate from your cat's vet stating that they're healthy and what vaccinations they've had. I only had to fly with one of my cats once and he had a health certificate and the airlines accepted the Sherpa soft sided cat carrier.
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    My Girl Is All Confused

    Jasmine is doing better today - fingers crossed that this remains so. No urine outside the litter box and on the floor. Thanks for asking!
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    My Girl Is All Confused

    I've been using the puppy pads a long time - years and they're the same brand but I did notice it says "puppy attractant"
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    My Girl Is All Confused

    I moved to a new apartment with my cat Jasmine this week. In the old apartment her litter box was in a closet that was in the middle of the kitchen with a linoleum floor. Sounds weird but it was a small apartment and the closet was long and narrow and the litter box fit in there perfectly...
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    Cat just diagnosed with diabetes

    I use the glargine insulin pen to treat my cat for diabetes. The name of the generic Lantus is Basaglar and it costs about $83.00 for one insulin pen which is quite a bit better than the price you were quoted. I'd say call around to different pharmacies to check prices and see if they carry...
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    Anyone have a young cat diagnosed with kidney disease?

    About a year ago my 4 year old cat was diagnosed with stage 2 or 3 kidney disease. What tipped me off that something was wrong was she was drinking SO MUCH WATER. I was devastated. Looking back I think it was a new brand of dry cat food I was feeding her that probably caused it but I can't...
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    Where DO we get those silly cat 'endearment' names from?

    I thought I was the only one who did this! Miles I also call O'Malley & The Wild Root. Jasmine I also call Mina & Chunky Monkey. I also call them my Sweet Tender Plums and ask them who's the Sweetest Tenderest Plum in the Orchard. I guess when you love them so much one name isn't always enough!
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    FDA approves novel pain control cats osteoarthritis

    Now if they only could come up with something like this for people. I've got arthritis in my knees, low back, mid back, neck and now I think in my shoulder. I want to be able to keep taking care of my kitties!
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    Two Kittens From Long Ago

    When I was a child our cat had a litter of kittens. If I remember right our mother cat was a gray tabby with white. Two of her 5 kittens were solid bicolors - white and brown. I didn't realize then how rare it was to see a cat with these colors. These 2 kittens didn't have points like a...
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    Ear mites or just dirty ears?

    I've had 2 cats that had ear mites. Ear mites kind of look like coffee grounds - they are more solid that just dirt though the pieces are small. I would recommend taking your cats to the vet so they can look at the stuff that's in your cats' ears. I can't tell by your picture. But especially...