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    Bringing back Ending to Beginning

    Own your actions
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    Keep a word, add a word

    On guard
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    4 Word phrase or sentence again!!

    rough and rugged men
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    Television Shows A-z

    Name That Tune
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    September 2023 Book of the Month Club - Choose Your Own – Favorite Childhood Books Edition

    Sweet! It's so nice to come across fellow fans of Nancy Drew. The Baby-sitters Club books were in heavy rotation too at our house when we were kids Is mystery, in general, a favorite genre of yours?
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    September 2023 Book of the Month Club - Choose Your Own – Favorite Childhood Books Edition

    There are already many great picks in this thread 👍👍 So, add me because it will awesome to join in and read a childhood favorite -- with 'new eyes' Until we get closer to late August, it's hard to say which title because a few come to mind. It will likely be one of the earlier...
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    Television Shows A-z

    Knots Landing
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    Can you cook real food?

    For the yes responses, it's at 37. * Since most in the home are not big fans of beef, I've never made a meatloaf and have yet to whip out the ice cream maker and actually use it. And cooking for 30+ people all at once is admirable but quite a daunting task 😉
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    Keep a word, add a word

    Baby blanket
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    What Food Are You Craving?

    - Fried fish with hush puppies, creamy coleslaw, cheddar & jalapeno bites, and cucumber salad - Grilled shrimp with honey-garlic sauce and roasted mixed veggies - Double chocolate chip and/or white chocolate macadamia nut cookies - Key lime pie (at least 2 slices) Any of the above...
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    Unusual but good

    Well, my BFF swore by pimento cheese spread topped with spicy smoked oysters back in the day... put sardines in sweet chili sauce atop garlic bread 😁😃
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    Naming cat

    Yeah, all these options are so good. Having to choose, let's say I'd go with either Buttercup or Cheddar (with a slight preference for the former). She's so sweet-looking... such a 'lady'; the markings are totally stunning. ;-) And such arresting eyes.
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    Coffee and Tea Talk - 2023

    The morning only really gets going at the first cup of coffee... It's often extra dark roast with a splash of almond milk or oat milk for me. Unsure how well coconut milk would complement coffee or which brand is the smoothest. We're wanting to try many flavored syrups this summer. :yummy...