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  1. StefanZ

    What breed is my cat?

    Pretty Butterscotch had green eyes. Not that common among the broad moggie population. However, green eyes are fairly common with torties / torbies. So that will be in fact my guess. she is a tortie and tabby; commonly called for torbie. Also, being a torbie makes often the exact pattern...
  2. StefanZ

    Cat gave birth 3 days ago, still has more babies in belly

    Ps. During the time you wait for vet, give her calcium rich food. Whatever you have at home and she eats. Being outdoor cat of a negligent neigbour she probably has thin reserves. Goats milk is always a good supplement, mild youghurt, cheese... Try to entice her, perhaps let her eat from...
  3. StefanZ

    Cat gave birth 3 days ago, still has more babies in belly

    If you have any decent vet, its best to consult himher. Otherwise, some kittens getting deliver later is not that unusual. If momma seems OK no troubles, the common advice is to wait and see. But as you say, if momma isnt eating nor drinking much, its potentially alarming. I presume she ate...
  4. StefanZ

    Taking a Guess

    Vitanni is has coloring similiar to a snow bengal. Her pal in the same exhibition cage, seems to be a ticked tabby; no clear stripes on the body, but lotsa on legs and behind and head.
  5. StefanZ

    Taking a Guess

  6. StefanZ

    Taking a Guess

    Yes. I agree. If you dont know nothing much about their background, presume they are domestic shorthair. So not suitable for any active breeding. Unless you do have some neigbour whom is desperate to let her female get kittens, and doesnt not want to just let her out a couple of days. The...
  7. StefanZ

    Pregnant cat, 10% excitement, 90% major stress

    Dropping... Not all have a visible dropping, but its the common - ie they suddenly looks less pregnant. You CAN measure temp, but my recommendation is to measure in the armpit of forearm, or such a modern distance termometer. Less invasive then into the behind. Observe, temp in the armpit is...
  8. StefanZ

    Pregnant kitty

    Could her pregnancy be about 60 days? If so, she could dropped now: it happens a couple of days before a normal deliver. Otherwise, its because she got rid of these two empty foster sacks - and possibly is still preg with alive kittens.
  9. StefanZ

    Help! My kitten is in heat.

    How does she behave exactly? And how old is she? If you touch her on backside, near the tail; how does she react? Female kittens can come inte heat quite early, 4 months isnt unique.
  10. StefanZ

    The "everything is a toy" phase

    If the biting bothers you, you may both ouch and even hiss... So he learns there is a limit. Or at very least, to take it very easy. I presume these arent love bites, but play bites. Another idea is to get a companion to him.... So he will play and wrestle with this companion instead.
  11. StefanZ

    Pregnant cat

    Yes I think so
  12. StefanZ

    Question For Professional Ethical Experienced Breeders

    I agree with your thoughts. Having the stud away from females AND from the flat for itself, is common. If nothing else, they tend to spray. and bengals are renown to spray. So although its possible to have stud pants - many do have the stud for itself separated from the big family. But in...
  13. StefanZ

    Interrupted labor?

    ps. I notice your resident was a preg stray. It depends a little how long she was a stray. Some few days, or several months, or even born semiferale?? IF she survived alone outside, her immune system should be above average... These with weakish immune system perish quite soon... Survival...
  14. StefanZ

    Interrupted labor?

    Excellent news! If you wish kitten not to be alone kitten, you can try for some foster. Ask vets around, or even shelters around. The only you must look up with, these fosterling must be reasonably healthy. You dont want to draw some disease on your residents. Feks, if momma of fosterlings...
  15. StefanZ

    Pregnant cat

    They usually drop a day or two before delivery, ie suddenly seems less pregnant. @Martiene71
  16. StefanZ

    Pregnant cat, 10% excitement, 90% major stress

    Sounds normal. Theoretically, it could be pus, but as you notice its not smelly, so it should be a normal discharge. Yes, fluidy discharges are normal and common. Good you are watchful. After all, complications do occur now and then.
  17. StefanZ

    Cozy Kitten Cattery

    If she is breeding for rare colors and ridiculous prices, its quite probable she has some kittens of not so rare colors. Which for her are pet quality - and sold much cheaper... Of course - if you suspect her cattery got shady - its another matter. IF so, I would recommend @vivianfung88 to...
  18. StefanZ

    Interrupted labor?

    If the active labor is too long, over 1 hour, contact vet immediately. Its not uncommon kittens fasten inside.
  19. StefanZ

    Pregnant Stray has Loose Stool and Can't clean herself

    If she takes, you can give kefir or mild youghurt. It too contains probiotic bacteria, and also - quite a lot of calcium... These dark dry out MAY be blood colored discharge... They become blackish when dried out. As long its not living blood, its fairly normal.
  20. StefanZ

    My queen gave birth to 3 white kittens with red eyes.

    What do you mean, by their colors starting to show better?? Ie some color on head and tails? Is so, they are points "siamese-mixes" If not, I presume their dad is all white. (I presume momma isnt all white, prob black? Red eyed cats arent that common, but yeah, albino are red eyed...