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  1. sharky

    Do spayed cats need a special type of food?

    Colubine covered most of it ... 8 months is still kitten by the most strict of thinking many cats actually dont finish till age 2-5 ... I also monitor and adjust the bag is only a guideline 
  2. sharky

    Happy Story update :)

    She lived and died HER way ...  Dahlia gifted her presence a mere decade and died of best guess heart issue in my arms late one sunday...
  3. sharky

    Do spayed cats need a special type of food?

    Simple answer no just feed to the cat the calorie calculators are awesome to help with that ....  How old is kitty ? If still a kitten very little caloric need change ... 
  4. sharky

    Dog skin problems

    sending you a pm 
  5. sharky

    Cooked Recipes Thread

    Sardine in water a day is fine ... I have books with part fish recipes but NO vet that I work with and YES the one I work mainly  has a masters in animal nutrition will suggest a all fish diet ... Beef , venison , lamb, rabbit( a fave here ) and even pork THANK YOU LDG :)  are all common option...
  6. sharky

    what is your kitties favorite treat...

    Solomon - anything that is nt a veggie ;) .... raw , cooked , treats( mom puts no grain kibble in a shaker ;) )  Sylvester - KALE .... yes the dark leafy green;) or purple or curly depending on what Mom gets from CSA  Dahlia - freeze dried raw chicken liver and mice Freeze dried  Zoey -...
  7. sharky

    Chicken Crumbles as cat litter.

    I may get a pic of the not used batch ... to me it looks like scratch that got milled on more time .... it is not uniform in shape ... you can see and almost identify each ingredient... A finely milled soup mix may be close ;) .... Mine is 20$ for 50 though like layena is ave of 16 for 50lb s...
  8. sharky

    Chicken Crumbles as cat litter.

    I get it from my CSA or the Farmers ( family small ) that I get my chickens from ..... If you can find organic IT is supposed to be NON gmo ;), my local feed store s have that 
  9. sharky

    Chicken Crumbles as cat litter.

    Actually a bit better ... less breakage of the clumps...
  10. sharky

    Chicken Crumbles as cat litter.

    Years ago I started using crumbles( ie over ten) ... the non medicated kind ... It worked great ... I tried periodically changing back to other litter as new non clays came readily avail .... always come back to the crumbles till now ... I now use a NON GMO chicken feed that looks alot like...
  11. sharky

    how do u stop cats from eating dog food?

    It appears you may be a little behind on feline and canine nutrition... I spent five yrs as a pet nutrition specialist .. I would also suggest you read the other post s ;) I wrote... ! would be be questionable ;) 2 . Has been added to dog foods of decent quality for roughly 15 years ( more got...
  12. sharky

    What's the last thing you ate?

    Organic beef burger on a asiago bun with pickles and a wonderful fresh juice with a couple fruits and veggies
  13. sharky

    How much should my 6 month old kitten be eating?

    Six months is just the start of not free feeding for most cats... Can you get a weight on kitty? My 21 week old is about 9 lbs and he is a lighter eater in my book  at roughly 1/2 cup dry , 3 oz wet with 2-3 oz broth added ( wet is normally grain free ) , plus he eats three to four oz of...
  14. sharky

    Android or iPhone?

    I have had both ... I had 4 androids and 3 out of 4 were awesome .... I currently have a i phone and as long as I dont go geeky on it all is good , unfortunately the kids in my world can operate it too;( but pass-code fixed that ;)... I will note the only NEW phone was the oh lets get rid of...
  15. sharky

    What Type of Water Do You Give Your Cat?

    Filtered tap or room temp tap... I live in a area with NO chlorine or fluoride in water ;) ....  For those worried about fluoride look up Berkley water filters they are one of the few that has a fluoride removal filter ... Mine like the fish water too , fish poo is nutritious for plants ;)
  16. sharky

    What's the last thing you ate?

    granola ... coffee with cacao and coconut milk
  17. sharky

    Dog skin problems

    What is the food ??? Has blood work been done ? I ask cause as a senior dog issues may arise ...
  18. sharky

    Kirkland dry cat food possible health issues???

    I am not lost :)... I will caution Kirkland has TWO formulas... the regular is what I  feed  in my rotation diet it is a dark purple bad ... the other is wt control and has things I would not feed .... Around here we are aiming soon for no dry.... I have three boys and one had a history of UTI...
  19. sharky

    Complex Partial Seizures

    exactly the above... I am doing some research as I have finally found something after MANY yrs of my own seizures that is natural and controls them
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